The Second Lockdown of the Coronavirus


Staff Writer

First Lockdown

The First lockdown was really bad, or so we thought. Restaurants and other businesses were closed up for over 5 months. No one was getting paid for those 5 months and really struggling to pay rent on time and other bills. Then we got the okay to do outdoor sitting and it started to seem that life was going to go back to normal. Emily Jane from San Marcos High school who is a someshore says that “the second shutdown is probably worse than the first one for restaurants because they were just started to get paid again and get their rent on time and things would hopefully get picked up but now they cant afford half of the staff because its only take out”. Restaurants are really used to making their money by people coming in and eating their food. Now it’s harder because most people do not know that they are open or they just want to play it safe by making their own food. 

What We Did Wrong

This shutdown affects so many people. In the first one I do believe that it was new to us and that we never really did nothing all day long. Flying is a good example. All the health guides tell us not to fly and that is dangerous around these times where COVID-19 is still going around that when it’s getting high again. There are no more hospital beds. It should be a good wake up call that this virus is serious and if we don’t take a chance and stay inside more we will have to go on another lock down. That’s exactly what we did. Summer Maxwell who is a junior at Santa Barbara High school says “I don’t think we did anything wrong in the first lockdown. I feel like we had no idea what was going on and we kinda just went along with  everything but eventually we will wanna see our friends”. I do believe that we did nothing wrong during the first lockdown. I just feel like we got into our feelings and we just need to see our friends to make things better. 

Second Lockdown

Second lockdown was worse than the first. This one we were more ready for but it was so much more unexpected. It almost just seemed like that life was getting back to normal. Businesses who were really struggling over the first lockdown were just starting to get back into shape. Employees were getting paid again. New people were coming too. About a week before the lockdown, some employees already knew what was going to happen. A lot of people were in question too. There’s so many questions but we can all say it’s been a crazy year and we just hope that coronavirus goes away soon. 

What We Can Do

The best way to keep a virus away and prevent illness is to always wash your hands. We have been told to wash our hands since preschool. Washing your hands actually does a lot more than you think. Avoid close contact with people. I know you want to hug your friend you have not seen in weeks or months but please do not. You never know who she/he has been hanging out with or what she/he probably touched within the last 18 hours. Wear your mask. It’s annoying to wear. It’s not 100% guaranteed from keeping you from getting the virus but it will help prevent it.