Behind the Scenes of the Fall Play


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The San Marcos theatre department is well on their way with the production of Clue, working hard to get into character and memorize their lines to perfection. In this sneak peek, you will  see  the performer’s view on the play and learn about the murder mystery play: Clue

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When asked how much time they take out of their day to memorize lines we got very different responses depending on the character they play. Sophomore Zach Johnson, who plays Wadsworth (the butler), spends an average of  2 hours every day on his own time. On the other hand, Junior Maddie Thomas, who plays Yvette, spends 20-30 minutes per day outside of rehearsal memorizing her lines, plus time during rehearsal.

Another question we asked the performers was what their favorite line their character has. This was a difficult choice to make without giving spoilers, but we got some pretty funny responses. Our first response was from Freshman Camille Tracy, who plays Mrs. White. 

“Husbands should be like Kleenex- soft, strong and disposable,” said Camille. This line is a perfect example of some of the comedy included in the show. 

Our next response was from Junior Reina Fritz, who plays the cook. “I don’t have much to choose from but the simple, ‘I know,’ is so fun, and will make sense later on,”  said Reina. I already can’t wait to come to the show to see what this line means, but I’m sure it will be hilarious.

When asked on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you think people are going to like the show? We got some great responses so if you aren’t certain if you should come, just listen to these answers. Zach Johnson, who plays Wadsworth, said 9/10. Camille Tracy, who plays Mrs. White, responded with 10/10. Maddie Thomas, who plays Yvette, said 10/10. Last but not least Reina Fritz, who plays the cook, said 10/10.

Clue is going to be an outstanding play and I hope to see everyone there to give their love and support to our performers. GO ROYALS!

The Fall Play dates are November 4, 5, 6, 11 ,12 ,13 at 7pm.  And a matinee showing on November 7th at 2pm.


Staff Writer