Raiders Draft 


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A question on all Raiders fans minds is, are the raiders gonna make it to the playoffs? Some people think they will because of the new draft picks. These picks could have the potential to drive them to the playoffs for the first time in almost twenty years.

Round 1: The 17 pick is Alex Leatherwood. He is an offensive tackle and he went to college at Alabama. Some strengths are his quick feet, that he doesn’t have to reach for rushers, his bulk to hold his ground against ball rushes, and his ideal height which is 6’5. 

Round 2: The 43 pick is Trevor Moehrig. He is a safety and he went to TCU. In college, he logged seven interceptions and five touchdowns, and he is an excellent tackler. 

courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

Round 3: The 79 pick is Malcom Koonce. He is a defensive end and he went to Buffalo college. Some of his strengths are that he is experienced with position changes, he is able to overpower opposing linemen and tight ends, and that he can be very fast when needed to be. He’s very strong and the combo of strength and quickness is very good for the team. 

Round 4: The 143 pick is Tyree Gillespie. He is a safety and he went to Missouri college. Some of his strengths are that he takes an aggressive angle to the football, he has created some fumbles, and he times his hits. 

Round 5: The 167 pick is Nate Hobbs. He is a cornerback and he went to Illinois college. Some of his strengths are that he is able to take ability in space, and that he can play wide receiver, block, and corner tackle. 

Round 7: The 7th pick is Jimmy Morrissey. He is a center and he went to Pittsburgh for college. Some of his strengths are he is very good at blocking, quick to reach and hook, very good with hand placement. This would overall help the team because they have been needing quick strong players. 

Last year their overall record was 8-8, and so far this year they  are 3-0. 

Larry Cook the campus supervisor said, “Sure they’re 3-0 they will make it to the playoffs because they’re the best team in the NFL. We got a whole nation supporting them, Raiders Nation baby!” 

This is going really well for the Raiders because in games you can see how well this team works with their new team members and how solid their defense is. Overall, the Raiders fans hope that they will make it to the playoffs or at least be close because of how good the new draft picks are. 


Staff Writer