Teenagers Still Trick or Treat


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Do you think teenagers can still go out and trick or treat? Halloween is a great holiday where you can dress up and get candy. Who wouldn’t want candy or to dress up as something cool? I got some teenagers’ opinions on whether teenagers should go trick or treating. 

Natalia Ledesma, a senior at San Marcos, said, “I think teenagers should go out trick or treating because it’s been very hard these past few years, and I think being able to dress up and go out is having fun with your family and friends. Candy is also really good and it’s free.” 

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Jaciel Rios, a junior said, “I guess they can because we are still minors and we are still considered as kids. I feel like the overall point of Halloween is to just have fun and eat candy and dress up as whatever you want to be. You should be allowed to trick or treat. I think I will go trick or treating this year with my sisters mostly for the candy.” 

San Marcos Junior Lucia Ramirez said, “Yes I feel like we should go trick or treating,” said junior Lucia Ramirez. “It’s free candy and we’re still young and still in school, we still deserve candy.” 

Overall students seem to think that Halloween is a great holiday and should be celebrated. These students think that teenagers should go out and celebrate Halloween, especially since none of them got the chance last year because of Covid-19. Halloween really is just a good holiday to dress up and have fun with family and friends and get scared a bit. Who wouldn’t want to get scared at least once a year? 


Staff Writer