Student Spotlight: Miles Moore


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Image courtesy of Miles Moore

You may have seen freshman Miles Moore in the quad at lunch with his friends because he is imminently recognizable from his mullet. Mile’s art teacher Mr. Baz says that his mullet is too long in the front and he needs to get it trimmed. Miles is currently looking for his next hairstyle and would love any input anyone may have.

Not only does Miles have a sick cut he also plays lacrosse at a national level. Miles is looking forward to finally playing lacrosse for San Marcos and hopes to make varsity as a freshman. 

Miles is part of the AAPLE academy at San Marcos and has English, AP physics, digital art and Spanish 3 for his classes. His favorite subject is math and is excited for next semester where he will have his first highschool math class. 

Previously Miles attended La Colina where he says they had less work.

Miles is happy to be in highschool because of the amount of people and opportunities to make more friends. 

In his free time Miles enjoys mountain biking, listening to the apple music radio station, playing lacrosse, and hanging out with friends. Miles’ favorite food is a fresh slice of lasagna and he also enjoys panda express. His favorite movie is Pirates of the caribbean. 

Miles is a great addition to the San Marcos community and is excited to show his school spirit at the home football games. Miles is very kind and would love to say hi to anyone in the hallway especially if you give him new haircut style suggestions!

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