The Beatles Get Back

Staff Writer

The never-ending fascination with The Beatles continues on Disney +, which has just released a three-part docu-series directed by Peter Jackson on the making of the Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be. The series was made entirely from never-before-seen, restored footage. It provided everyone an honest glimpse into not only the creative process, but the dynamic between John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The Beatles Get Back consists of three episodes with runtimes between two and three hours each, resulting in a hefty total runtime of around eight hours. The miniseries was widely praised for its historical merit and inside scoop of the Fab Four by critics. 

Like previously mentioned, the focus is on the band’s January 1969 records sessions, mainly for their album known as Let It Be. It showcases the Beatles’ creative process and ups and downs as they attempt to write fourteen new songs for their first live concert in over two years, all in under three weeks. According to Paul McCartney, the bassist, co-lead vocalist, and co-songwriter of the Beatles, “The idea was that you’d see The Beatles rehearsing, jamming, getting their act together and then finally performing somewhere in a big end-of-show concert.” 

As the three-part docu-series were released on November 25, November 26, and November 27 of 2021 respectively, many students at San Marcos have already watched the one-of-a-kind film collection. Enna Garcia, a freshman at San Marcos, said, “The documentary gave a cool insight on the dynamic of the band and the creation of so many songs that I listen to on repeat.” This was a common excitement amongst many Beatles fans at San Marcos. The docuseries provided students and everyone else who watched with the creative process of some of their favorite songs.

Though much of the trivial information and fun facts had already been released in a different documentary or in the many books published throughout the years, the Disney+ docuseries will forever be one of a kind. It provided Beatles fans across the globe with a whole new light in showing the unforgettable band’s true dynamic.

Illustration by Baylie Bingham