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If you still don’t have a holiday gift yet you are probably scouring the internet for the perfect holiday gift. Well have I got the ideas for you. This is a list of gifts that cater to any price range and are perfect for the whole family, in no particular order.

1: Family Trip

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A Family trip is a perfect gift for the whole family, to any theme park or even to another state like Hawaii. Often times a family trip can be a good bonding experience and a way to get out of the house. The best part about a family trip as a gift is it does not have to happen right away. You can set a trip for anytime and tell the family at Christmas.

2: Money

If you are in desperate need of a gift with not enough time to order something off of Amazon or run to your nearest store, money is a perfect option. Whilst it is not necessarily very creative, it is always well appreciated and a gift that anyone will like. The best part is you can pick however much you want to give. If your sibling asked for a $20 item you can just give them $20 and tell them that it is for them to buy it for themself.

3: Chocolate

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If your family likes chocolate at all, they are going to love this as a present. One kind of chocolate that would make a good present is chocolate from See’s Candies. See’s Candies is a chocolate business that has a store located in Paseo Nuevo in downtown Santa Barbara.  They have a large variety of chocolate that ranges from plain milk chocolate to their special Milk Coffee Scotchmallow which features a milk chocolate outside with caramel and marshmallow on the inside.

4: Board Game

Board games are a perfect gift for the whole family. Everyone can have fun competing against each other in a family board game. With plenty of options such as Clue, Apples To Apples, Monopoly, and Ticket To Ride, they offer hundreds of hours of playtime to your family. Board games are often valued at around $30.

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5: DIY Cookies In a Jar

What is special about this gift is you can make it yourself! Nothing screams merry Christmas like a jar full of holiday themed  cookies. What is even better is if you can even make it with your family and give them the tasteful cookies and a joyful experience.

6: DIY Gift Certificate

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Want to be able to give a present that is helpful? Then look no further! You simply take a piece of paper and write down something like, “One free dish washing.” You don’t have to do a chore. You can do anything you want.

There’s a perfect example of this from sophomore Dante Bruice, “I gave a gift certificate to my mom and told her I would take her on a trip to solvang, that was in 2017 and I still haven’t taken her yet.”


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