Supply Chain Issues Wipe Shelves

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In all of the madness of COVID, we have seen lots of things happen that are less than ideal. One of these newer disappointments is the supply chain issues. In all grocery stores across the country, we are seeing mass shortages of critical goods such as eggs, produce, and other perishable and non perishable goods. With limited supply coming into these stores, it leads to people beginning to panic. 

Jorge Vera, a manager at Trader Joe’s in Goleta said, ”This reminds me a lot of the beginning of the pandemic. We are getting limited supply and people are panic buying all of it leaving nothing behind.” 

A large part of this supply chain issue is that we have tons and tons of ships that are stuck in various different harbors waiting to deliver the stuff on the ships. Imported goods are having a hard time staying on shelves largely due to these harbor issues.

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Aisles in grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Vons are empty due to Supply Chain issues.

”I have been doing my late night shopping runs at Trader Joe’s and Vons and I walk in every time to gutted shelves,” said San Marcos senior, Aidan Fitch.

A lot of people do not know what is happening, and they do not know why their favorite products cannot be found at their favorite places to shop. Jorge Vera added ”I think that this is the most questions that I have ever gotten from customers and it is always the same thing ‘What happened to all of the shelves?’” Jorge also said that Trader Joe’s in Goleta also just got all of the college kids back from their break which adds onto their low supply and it has turned into the perfect storm for unhappy customers. 

So whether you know what the Supply Chain is or whether you do not know or do not care what the Supply Chain is, just know that your favorite products should be returning to the shelves in no time. 


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