Look To Lance


Opinion Editor

Q: What haircut should I get?

A: I am rather partial to reverse undercuts. I do not know why everyone does not have them! There are so many benefits, including less time spent washing your hair, because you only have one little section. Also, you can wear hats without worrying about hat hair, because you will not have any hair on that part of your head!

Q: I found the perfect prom dress, but it comes in a ton of different colors. Which one should I pick?

A: Prom should be a very special night to remember forever. With that being said, the only appropriate color option is neon orange. Neon orange will never go out of style, because it has never been in style! What better color to choose to create the timeless prom look? Now, of course, if your color season is not autumn, make a selection within your seasonal palette, while still a shade of neon. Hope this helps girlie!! ❤

Q: Is jumping off a hill a good idea?

A: Yes. Always. I live by the saying “jump for joy” which applies to all aspects of life, especially standing on the edge of cliffs. 

Q: What should you do when it is raining and your socks get wet?

A: Cry. Wet socks are the worst, and are certainly a cryable offense. Cowabummers!

Q: How can you pass the time when stuck in traffic? 

A: Like they do in La La Land, get out and start singing and dancing. Spontaneously break into a musical number in the middle of the highway! If Seb and Mia can do it, you can too. Why sit and wallow in your car when you could be out dancing in the sun? Have fun, and stay safe, some of those drivers are crazy. 

Elizabeth Leka