Santa Barbara Gets It’s Sparkle Back


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After a two and a half hour long debate between Santa Barbara Unified School District board members, a decision was made to lift the ban on all low class pyrotechnic devices. This ban was placed twenty years ago due to an incident involving three students, the staff bathroom, and a box of firecrackers at Dos Pueblos High School. In the past three years with peaceful protests and walkouts being held at Dos Pueblos Highschool, the school district had no choice but to come to an agreement with DP representatives to give the students of Santa Barbara their firework privileges back.

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Originally, students were only permitted to carry level one fireworks, including “pop-its” and sparklers. However students soon demanded both level two and three fireworks, the levels just below commercial grade Fourth of July fireworks, in exchange for 38% of DP funding. SBUSD officials accepted the offer.

What does this mean for the students of San Marcos? All students grades nine through twelve will have access to level one fireworks, but level two and three fireworks will only be available to students grades eleven and twelve. All SBUSD schools will be installing designated launch zones where students can ignite their own fireworks. Learning environments within 100 feet of launch zones will also be equipped with soundproofing walls and windows, to prevent unnecessary distraction. If a student attempts to weaponize the fireworks resulting in injury or death of another student or staff member the perpetrator may be given detention or suspension depending on the severity of the injury or death. San Marcos High School ASB president Gabe Casey is quoted as being, “Pro fireworks, when used responsibly.” 

The lift on this ban is a big step in the right direction as far as student freedom is concerned. It is also a sign of what is to come for the students of Santa Barbara. Remember to play with fire responsibly Royals!

Hannah (19)Avery Estrella

Staff Writer

Avery is a freshman at San Marcos High School…