Prom is Back!

Lifestyle Editor 

For many seniors, April 23, 2022 was their first and last prom ever. A once in a lifetime moment is now gone forever. San Marcos’ prom took place at the Moxi, it was absolutely beautiful. San Marcos staff and asb did an amazing job at setting things up and making it as perfect as can be. Keep reading for a  recap of the best night ever. 

When arriving at prom you were greeted by Dr. Glazer. When walking inside it was so nice, there were MOXI activities, a big globe that said SM on it, and a dance floor. The first floor included the dance floor and some drinks, if you wanted to do activities or photos the second floor was perfect for you. There were photo booths, fun games, and the best part, food! A lot of San Marcos students roamed all three floors throughout the night, there was so much to do. Staff and asb paid so much attention to detail and it really showed. At first, many  went to the third floor which was the highest level. Since it was around 7 pm the sun was setting over the beach and we got an amazing view of it. The dance floor on the third level was transparent, you were able to see the first floor through it. Since there were three levels we did not have to worry about the music being too quiet on each one. On the two dance floors there were two different DJs. The music is obviously the most important part of the night, I was pleasantly surprised and fulfilled with the music they were playing! There were many good dancing songs, and even some slow songs. But, there of course had to be some times where we were moshing too hard, or people were even crowd surfing, this did not excite admin. After dancing for many hours with our whole senior class, it was time to leave. The checkout process was easy: you tell them your name, they cut your wrist band, and even gave everyone red and blue cake pops.

The toughest critics are the senior class, so I asked some of them for their input on prom night. Senior prom court nominee Danielle Britton said, “I had a lot of fun. The Moxi was a really cool venue that was beautiful.” It seemed like a lot of people loved the Moxi, there was so much to do. “Prom was super great. I’m so glad we had it at the Moxi, it was the best venue I could’ve ever imagined and the music was great. The only thing I  would do differently would be to be more aware on the dance floor because I lost one of the cufflinks off my rental tux,” said senior Joaquin Sandoval. The dance floor was very intense to say the least, but the staff did a good job at making sure everyone was safe. 

Prom seemed to be a total success. I claim it as the best night ever, and I know many others are calling it that also. Another thank you to the MOXI museum, and our amazing SM staff and ASB. This is for sure going to be a night I will never forget. 

Victoria Levya