Battle of the Beaches


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Santa Barbara is very well known for our weather, spanish architecture, and sandy beaches. Most people who visit Santa Barbara go to any beach without knowing what it is actually like. Us locals know better and we know that the best beach in Santa Barbara is East Beach. 

There is plenty of parking for all of the people who love to go to the beach. East beach is also surrounded by plenty of beautiful structures such as the rainbow square, where many people like to take photos. The sand is always very soft and you find the greatest little pieces of sea glass. Leaving the beach with little pieces of sea glass always makes me happy when I get home. 

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“I like East Beach because it holds good memories from when I did junior guards and I like how the wharf is right next to it,” said junior Mackenzie Sandel.

You will always find that East Beach has very minimal seaweed, most of the time, none at all. This is something that makes the beach a great place to go for a swim. On days where there is no wind it is a great beach for swimming. Looking out at the horizon, you might get lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins. It is pretty common to spot some dolphins over at East Beach which is another reason as to why it is the best beach in SB. 

If you like to play spike ball or volleyball, East Beach is the place to do that. The sand is perfect for diving for the ball. There are nets all down the beach which are always filled with people playing volleyball. The games are always very riveting to watch.

If you get hungry while you are on the beach, there is also a restaurant right on the beach called Reunion. They serve a variety of seafood, burgers, soups, and drinks. It is perfect for viewing the sun as it sets with the ocean breeze right with you. It is also across from a children’s playground, which is perfect if you have little siblings and need to tire them out before sitting at a table.

East Beach is also home to many summer camps, for example Volleyball camp and Junior Lifeguards. Two very popular summer camps that are held on East Beach. Over the summer the beach will be filled with many aspiring beach volleyball players. Even with all the kids playing on the beach over the summer, there are still very many places to play volleyball as well. Also over the summer there are also beach volleyball tournaments, with players that are very experienced, which makes watching way more entertaining.

East Beach continues to be my favorite beach in Santa Barbara. There are too many good memories there as well which make me feel more connected to this beach. I hope you guys enjoy East Beach as much as I do.

Hannah (19)Lilli Arconti

Staff Writer