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As the 102nd season of the National Football League starts off, many people are probably wondering the same thing. Who is going to be good this season, and how should I make my Fantasy Football Team win? Here are the best tips for knowing who to choose. 

CBS Sports has a very good website with lots of links and advice on how to shape your team. In this article Towers, Chris Sep 7, C. (2022, September 7). Fantasy football 2022 draft cheat sheet: Rankings, position tiers, sleepers, breakouts, bust and more. Retrieved September 13, 2022, there is a list of the top 200 ranked players. This list does not include defenses or kickers. The top 5 ranked players are, Panthers Running Back Cristian McCaffery, followed by Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Cupp, Indianapolis RB Johnathan Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler, and Vikings WR Justin Jefferson. The top of the list has mostly Wide Receivers and Running Backs with an exception of Travis Kelce who is a TE for the Kansas City Chiefs.

William Grice is a sophomore who is part of a Fantasy League. When asked about who he thinks his best pick was he said Justin Jefferson.

“He [Justin Jefferson] is projected to go off again, and I think that he is going to be the best Receiver in the league this year”. Also when he was asked about who he thinks the best three picks of this year were he said they were Justin Jefferson, D’Andre Swift, and Micheal Thomas.

After the first week of Football passed it seems that all of these predictions were correct. Coming from a NFL fantasy league (which point system may vary from others) Justin Jefferson came on top with 40 points. D’andre swift with 26 points, and Travis Kelce with 26 points as well. Some of the top players in week one, who did not do well were Derrick Henry who rushed for 82 yards, fumbled the ball and produced only 8 points for his fantasy teams, and Joe Burrow, who was coming off a hot season last year, threw 4 interceptions and got sacked 7 times, not generating the fantasy points that one would hope.

Those are the numbers for this week, big and small. The opening of  the new season was an exciting one with 3 Game winning field goals to end games. The AFC south came off with no wins this week even though two of its teams played each other. That is it for this week of the NFL fantasy world and everyone is looking forward to week 2 of the NFL.

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