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Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Quarantine


Due to the dangerous coronavirus, quarantine has halted many things including reopenings of schools, socialization, and now the popular holiday celebrations of Halloween and trick-or-treating. Although trick-or-treating and other favored Halloween activities are cancelled this year, below are some ways to celebrate Halloween during quarantine. 

  1. Virtual Movie Night

A fun way to spend time with friends while also social distancing is to host a virtual movie night. You can use Zoom or another app to share your screen and watch scary movies on Netflix, Hulu, or a different streaming service. Prompt your friends to make delicious snacks and keep yourselves off of mute while watching the movies. You can watch one movie or have a movie marathon. With so many options on how to celebrate Halloween this way, having fun is inevitable.

“My plan for Halloween is to watch some scary movies with my family,” said junior Evelyn Franklin. “I think it would also be fun to play some spooky video games.”

  1. Create Spookalicious Treats

Any holiday is a perfect opportunity to make something tasty for yourself or for other people. You can make treats such as cupcakes, cookies, or pastries spooky themed by including scary designs, toppings, or colors. Although difficult, remember to share your yummy creations with your friends and family.  

Mummy Meatloaf. Photo courtesy of Leah Schwartz

  1. Pumpkin Carving

Even though most Halloween festivities are called off, carving pumpkins is still a valid way to celebrate. You can do this in person with family or friends and still safely follow coronavirus protocols. All you need to do is visit a grocery store and pick out a pumpkin and some carving tools. You can turn this activity into a competition and vote for winners and give prizes or you can go freestyle and focus on pure relaxation and enjoyment. When you are done carving, show off your design with your friends or family. You can even go as far as roasting the discarded pumpkin seeds from your pumpkin for a yummy snack. Check out Hannah’s article on all the ways to use your pumpkin scraps in the Lifestyle section. 

  1. Decorate Your Home

You can decorate your home on Halloween but also choose to decorate it during the time leading up to the spooky occasion. Setting up unique decorations for holidays poses as a month-long available activity so, as long as you enjoy the designing, any time works. Whether you already have decorations from previous Halloween’s or need to go purchase some, it is an exciting task to take part in with family members. You can purchase halloween decorations at local thrift stores, Dollar Tree, Target, Macy’s, and more. 

Spider web lights. Photo courtesy of Leah Schwartz
  1. Candy Hunt

Take an Easter approach to Halloween by incorporating hidden objects full of candy into your yard or choice of venue. This is a perfect method to excite your bored younger siblings. It also serves as a successful way to simply spice up Halloween with loved ones by using a lighthearted hunting game. Set boundaries, rules, and limits to take the game a step further!

Although we all have our unique Halloween traditions and celebrations, it is always a good idea to step outside of the box and take a different approach when you get the chance. Now that trick-or-treating and other Halloween social activities are cancelled due to quarantine, try some of these suggestions to make Halloween a thrilling day to remember! 

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Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Quarantine