The Mandalorian Review (Spoilers)


The riveting, action packed series set in the star wars universe, The Mandalorian, released the first episode of season two on Disney Plus on October 30. They will be releasing one episode each week on Friday until December 18 when the eighth and final episode of the season will air. For fans of the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is a must-watch this holiday season. 

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    Episode one of season two, “The Marshall,” continued with the same stunning visual effects, interesting characters, outstanding score, and thrilling action scenes as season one. It shows us Mando continuing his quest to reunite the child (Baby Yoda as the fans call him) with his own kind (Jedi). This journey takes Mando to Tatooine, following a tip from a man named Gor Koresh. At Mos Pelgo on Tatooine, however, there is not another Mandalorian, merely a man (Cobb Vanth) wearing Mandalorian armor. Mando is disgusted that Vanth dares wear mandalorian armor, but Vanth makes a deal with Mando that if he can help kill the creature that has been terrorizing his town, he will hand over the armor (for complete synopsis of season two episode one see below).

    Richard Bluff (the Visual Effects Supervisor) and Abby Keller (the Visual Effects Producer) along with the rest of the visual effects team have done a spectacular job with The Mandalorian. The extraordinary landscapes and amazing creatures are truly brought to life in the show, and they seem incredibly real. Star Wars shows and movies have always been known for its wild aliens and special visual effects, but The Mandalorian has taken it to another level.

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    The characters in the show along with their actors are also fantastic. Pedro Pascal, who plays Din Djarin (Mando) does a great job at showing emotions without us being able to see his face through body language and the way he tilts his head. 

Baby Yoda is the most adorable character ever, and he even has moments where he helps save Mando from danger, such as in season one when he used his mind to stop the mudhorn from trampling Mando. There are also many interesting aliens and side characters that we see along the way, such as Kuiil (the character who says “I have spoken”) and Pelli Motto (the mechanic who took care of Baby Yoda) in season one.

    In the next episode of the show we can expect to see Mando continue his journey to find another Mandalorian in hopes of eventually finding more Jedi. We will see more intense action scenes and beautiful visuals, and we will probably get to see a cliffhanger at the end to keep us on the edge of our seat for an entire week.


Season one of the show ended with Mando escaping with Baby Yoda from Moff Giddeon (an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau) and his army of stormtroopers who slaughtered all of the other Mandalorians on Nevarro. He was able to cause Moff Giddeon’s ship to plummet leading to a seemingly fatal crash. In the closing moment of season one, however, we see him carve himself out of his ship with his darksaber. Season two begins with a recap of the major moments in season one, with emphasis on Mando’s quest from the armorer to reunite the child with his own kind: “This is the way.”

After the recap from season one, we are thrown into a dark landscape where we see Mando and the Child’s cradle enter a bustling room with a fighting ring where we meet an alien named Gor Koresh. He supposedly has information on where another Mandalorian is. As mentioned above, Mando wants to find another Mandalorian so he can hopefully reunite Baby Yoda with his own kind. It turns out that Koresh was actually after Mandalorian armor and had no intention of giving Mando the information he wanted. After a brief scuffle we see Mando release his “Whistling Birds” and easily take care of Koresh’s goons. After tying Koresh to a light post, Mando gets the information out of him that there is another Mandalorian on Tatooine. Mando leaves Koresh tied, shooting out the light causing creatures with red eyes to approach Koresh and we hear his scream as they cut away to the intro. 

We then find ourselves on Tatooine, where we get a brief encounter with mechanic Peli Motto from season one. She helps Mando find the city that Koresh told him about called Mos Pelgo, which seems to have been demolished. Once Mando arrives at the city, we quickly meet the supposed Mandalorian, Cobb Vanth. He is not a Mandalorian, however; he is the marshall of Mos Pelgo wearing Boba Fett’s armor. Mando is furious that Vanth dares wear Mandalorian armor, but before a conflict arises, we hear a rumbling sound. It turns out to be a terrifyingly large and ferocious creature called a Krayt Dragon, a worm-like creature that maneuvers under the sand before leaping up above it to devour its prey. We find out that this creature has been terrorizing the town and the surrounding sand people (Tusken Raiders).

Mando is able to strike a deal with Vanth that if he helps him slay the Dragon, Vanth will give him the Mandalorian armor. When they are on their way to the abandoned Sarlacc Pit where the Krayt Dragon lives, they encounter some Tusken Raiders. Mando is able to speak their language and they tell him that they have also been having problems with the Krayt Dragon. Vanth doesn’t like the Tusken Raiders as they have raided Mos Pelgo on multiple occasions. This almost leads to a fight until Mando uses his flamethrower to grab their attention and stop it.

After arriving at the Sarlacc Pit and seeing the Krayt Dragon’s massive size and power, they decide that they need reinforcements. Vanth and Mando are able to convince the citizens of Mos Pelgo to assist them with defeating the beast. They compose a plan to kill the Dragon by burying explosives and luring it out before detonating them and hopefully killing it. Unfortunately, after detonating the explosives the Krayt Dragon isn’t dead, just more angry. The Dragon starts to spray acid out of its mouth at the surrounding Mos Pelgo citizens and the Tusken Raiders as Mando hatches a plan. With no time to explain Mando rushes forward with a bantha covered in explosives, and the Krayt Dragon swallows Mando and the bantha before disappearing underground.

Moments later we see the Krayt Dragon reemerging with electricity running through it as Mando majestically flies out of its mouth and detonates the explosives. Both the town’s people and Tusken Raiders cheer as Mando stands on the sand with his armor covered in acid and we see the carcass of the great beast. Vanth hands Mando the armor as they say their farewells and Mando rides off on his speeder bike.

In the closing moments of the show we are left with a mystery. We see Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jango Fett in the star wars films. Could this possibly be Boba Fett and he actually survived the sarlacc in “Return of the Jedi”? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page