Look To Lance Thanksgiving Preview

Look To Lance Thanksgiving Preview

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I am glad this election is basically over. My family comes from all different sides of the political spectrum and we argue over everything. Abortion, BLM, gun control, immigration, the environment, you name it. So we want to steer clear of politics this Thanksgiving—but how? And what should we discuss at the dinner table instead?

Done With Debates

Hey there,

I totally get where you are coming from. I know that if my own family discussed politics over Thanksgiving dinner, it would probably be a nightmare. If you have no idea what to talk about, I have one idea for a gamified discussion: Table Topics. (No, unfortunately, this isn’t a sponsorship. It has hundreds of interesting and exciting questions and prompts to talk about with friends and family, and they are all somewhat lighthearted (i.e., they won’t make everyone angry). Chances are, you probably haven’t seen your extended family in a while, so a good part of dinner can be spent catching up and asking about what they’ve been doing since you last saw them. Once the conversation gets on a tangent, pull a card from your Table Topics deck (or you can make your own set of topics) and start everyone off. Actually, before you even sit down and start talking, come up with a code word (like “pigeon”) that everyone else can say if a family member or friend gets political. The point is not to censor, but to be a peacemaker. There’s so much more than just the weather, or the food, or politics, to talk about. Hope that helps!