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Christmas Gift Ideas


With Christmas just around the corner, you may be feeling lost on what gifts to give to the people in your life. Sometimes it is hard to pick the perfect present for someone, especially when they do not give you any information about their wish list. Whether it is your parent, sibling, friend, or significant other, this article will cover all of your curiosity about which gift fits each person in your life.

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For moms:

These gifts can apply to your own mother or they can be for your aunt or significant other’s mom. A gift that many moms appreciate is anything that involves self-care. Whether that means an expensive perfume or a shower gel from Bath & Body Works, self-care gifts are guaranteed to satisfy all of the mothers in your life. 

Other examples that fall into the self-care category could be slippers, cozy pajamas, a blanket, or a bathrobe. Some moms enjoy things that help with taking care of the house such as cooking or cleaning supplies. If you are searching for something more personalized, here is a list of customized gift ideas that you can buy or make at home: 

  • Making her a homemade candle combined with her favorite scents is a great gift if you are trying to create something personal that she will undoubtedly love. 
Candle. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
  • Buying her a necklace with her birthstone as a pendant (or her favorite crystal, if you know it) is a long lasting and beautiful present if she loves to wear jewelry.
  • Using Etsy to find a customized gift (like a mug or blanket) with her name, initials, or favorite quote engraved onto it is a great idea if your mom enjoys customization to functional gifts. 

For dads: 

Dads seem to enjoy gifts that involve their favorite sports teams. They also like functional gifts (like kitchen items or self-care items) that help make their lives easier. Electronic gifts, such as a speaker or a watch, will make every dad happy. Gift cards can also apply to the dad category. If you want to be simple, making him a handwritten note will definitely make him feel appreciated. 

For siblings:

A possible gift for a sister could be self-care products like makeup, things for the shower, or skincare. Some examples are lotion, candles, a makeup palette, and face masks. You could also get her a onesie, blanket, or slippers. Generally, things that you get for your mom can also apply to your sister. If you have a younger sibling, however, you may want to focus on getting them toys, some cash, or custom quality time coupons (like an ice cream run, a trip to the park, etc).  

Brothers enjoy presents that involve gaming, functionality, comfort, or food. You could get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant, a video game on his wishlist, a watch, or a hoodie. Some more specific examples are a charging set, new shoes, or a speaker.  

For friends:

If you are trying to get or make a gift for a friend, look no further. A gender neutral gift idea is to get them a gift card. It can be for their favorite restaurant, shop, or an online place like Amazon. You can’t go wrong with this gift, as it is simple, easy, and is sure to please the receiver.

A heartfelt note or card is a great way to show your appreciation for that person through writing. Most people would be grateful to receive this and would not wish for anything more. It also helps if the person you’re dedicating it to is sentimental and appreciates sincere messages. 

Person writing a note. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

If your friend is interested in self-care, you could buy them shower products, makeup, or nail polish. If they like gaming, you could buy them a game they had been wanting or merch from their favorite game. If they enjoy astrology, try making them or getting them a necklace that displays their astrological sign. 

For a significant other:

Sometimes shopping for your significant other can be the trickiest to figure out. Aiming for personal gifts can be tough, but you can get customized presents on Etsy or make them yourself. An idea is jewelry, whether that is a friendship bracelet or a fancy necklace with their initial on it. You could also aim for things that you could match with your significant other; perhaps pajamas, stuffed animals, bracelets, etc. If you are unsure, a safe way to go is to get your significant other a gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant. Clothing items such as hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants, hats, fuzzy socks, and shoes are a good suggestion. Simple romantic gestures are also a go-to. You could give flowers or candles depending on what your significant other enjoys (these are especially great gifts for women). Additionally, you could never go wrong with getting your significant other their favorite candies!

If you are in a long distance relationship, you could get the Bond Touch Bracelets. They are a rising product that allows you to digitally communicate with your significant other by tapping the bracelet. When you tap it, it instantly transfers your tapping vibration to your partner’s bracelet. Learn more about the product here

It is easy to stress about gifts the closer that Christmas gets, but hopefully you learned something useful or were inspired by some of the ideas in this article. Have fun and best of luck on your shopping and crafting! Remember to check out this article on ways to support local businesses during the Holidays. 

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