The Conversation Reopens For A New Era of Writing

The Conversation Reopens For A New Era of Writing

The San Marcos Writing Center has reopened their website, The Conversation! After significant technological difficulties, the page is officially back up and running and ready for student submissions. The Conversation is a site created for San Marcos students to showcase their writing. Poetry, short stories, and even argumentative essays can be submitted to the website, and in turn will be entered into the Phreaner Writing Contest at the end of the year and become eligible to win cash prizes. 

In the words of writing center supervisor Mr. Koroshec, the Writing Center’s mission is to “encourage all students to share their stories and [to] continually think up ways to promote student voice.” 

In another effort to amplify student writing, The Writing Center is also holding a virtual poetry slam on December 15—17 at lunch called “Slam Marcos.”  Although COVID has eliminated the possibility of in person performances, the Writing Center still hopes to create an online environment in which San Marcos poets can share and be recognized for their art by judges. Applications can be submitted up until the 15th, and any and all San Marcos students are welcome to showcase their poems. 

Club President Rachel Henderson says “We’re very excited to have our website running so we can share a variety of student voices and promote our upcoming projects, like the poetry slam.”

On top of both running The Conversation and hosting Slam Marcos, the Writing Center also serves as a group of tutors to English 110 students. As Rachel and Mr. Koroshec said, the main objective of this club is to push San Marcos students to write and share their voice. Tutoring struggling students gives club members a chance to encourage and engage students who may not be comfortable with expressing themselves through writing. 

Jenny Gonzales, a senior and two-year club member, says, “The tutoring is my favorite part of what we do in The Writing Center because I love being able to help and connect with people I normally never would have known through literature.”

San Marcos students should be sure to utilize all of the amazing opportunities that the Writing Center presents, including the option to win cash prizes just for submitting your writing! 

The poster for Slam Marcos including links to the submission form and zoom meetings as well as the link to the Conversation Website are included below.

A drawing advertisement for the 2020 SMHS Poetry Slam. Photo courtesy of the San Marcos Writing Center