Upcoming movies on Netflix

“Netflix and chill” by freestocks.org is marked with CC0 1.0Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Even though we have been in a pandemic for almost a year now, Netflix has always been there for us. They gave us stuff to laugh about, cry about, and eventually became our best friend at some point. Here are some upcoming movies coming in February 2021. 

Netflix has finally released a list of movies coming in February 2021. Netflix is releasing very different genres of movies such as dramas to romantic comedies. 

On February 5th we have Malcolm & Marie hitting Netflix, it stars Emmy award winner Zendaya and John David Washington. Malcolm & Marie is a romance drama and it is about filmmaker Malcolm, and Marie, his girlfriend, return to their home after a movie premiere and the evening takes a toll, problems arise about their relationship testing the couple’s love in the process. 

Next, we have the final installment of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before saga and will finally come to a bittersweet end, on February 12th. The perfect movie to watch on Valentine’s Day with your friends and family. To All the Boys: Always and Forever stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. Always and Forever is about Lara Jean ending high school and about to enter adulthood, a life changing series of  trips leads her to reevaluate her life with her family and friends after graduation. 

“I have read the books and really liked them,” said junior, Luci Reed. “And I want to compare all the movies to the books.”

“I watched the first movie and when the second one was releasing last year, I didn’t watch it because I didn’t like the first one,” said junior, Andrew Daigle. “Now that the final movie is releasing, I will definitely watch all of them.”

As a film buff, I personally am really excited to see these films on Netflix. I am thrilled to see Zendaya in a role, very different from the ones she has portrayed from Marvel and Disney. I can not wait to watch Lara Jean’s final adventure with her family and friends. Now I have one question for you, what will you be watching on Netflix this month?