The Importance of Sunscreen

Image courtesy of creative commons

Have you ever thought about how getting a tan and not applying sunscreen could have a very big impact on your skin. Multiple people in my family have had skin cancer, which has led to premature wrinkles and scarring. The problem: You should be wearing about two milligrams of sunscreen for every square centimeter of exposed skin, but most people go without, don’t apply enough, or the sunscreen is too low in SPF. The amount of care for sun damage is much more time consuming than it is to apply sunscreen. 

Using sunscreen is the first step, but making sure it is the right amount of SPF is equally as important. The correct amount of sunscreen to use is 15 SPF or higher. You should make sure that your sunscreen has a broad spectrum, which means that it protects against UVA and UVB rays. Bella Holguin, a senior at San Marcos high school, said, “I sometimes don’t use sunscreen, but now I do and making sure it is the right SPF is very essential to healthy skin.” It is very common that people wear 10 SPF types of sunscreen, but always make sure it is over 15.

Different options of sunscreen can also have people wondering what brand is the best for long days in the sun. From Banana Boat to Sun Bum, people are unsure of what the best sunscreen is to use. Research shows that sunscreen prescribed by your dermatologist or a higher end sunscreen could potentially be the best for your skin health. Bella Magness, another senior at San Marcos high school, states, “I sometimes have trouble picking out what sunscreen to use. I feel like I use Sun Bum the most and it seems to work very well.” In the end, a good sunscreen should always be one that protects yourself from sunburns.

Wearing sunscreen under makeup or while swimming in water is very important. Most cosmetics might contain sunscreen but if they do not have 15 SPF or higher they should not be used as protection. Wearing hats is also a great way to protect yourself. Hats can protect your face, with some of your chest, and your shoulders. 

It is very important  to exercise healthy skin care. People that play sports are especially at risk or those who work outdoors for many hours of the day. Everyone should consider sunscreen with a high SPF and reapplying every hour or so. Take care of your skin now, so you won’t have to worry in the future.