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Fall Thrifting Guide


Although it is Santa Barbara, CA, and there are not any drastic changes between seasons, a fall thrifting guide is helpful for everyone. There are many thrift stores here in Santa Barbara– Destined for Grace, United Family Association Thrift, Good Will, and Assistance League Thrift Store. 

Thrift stores are often considered disorganized and hard to navigate. However with a little help, it is guaranteed that you will find some great pieces this fall. 

“I just look out for pants, jeans and creative pieces of clothing,” said junior Tully Knoles. “Just look through everything because you could miss something pretty easily.”

Another avid “thrifter,” sophomore Sofia Huebner said, “It’s good for the environment, and thrifting is fun and you can find really good stuff. Definitely look at the whole store, look at all the sections; you may think you got it all but you definitely missed something and look through the sections you wouldn’t normally look through.”

Sofia and Tully both mention a great tip about looking through all the sections. This means all the size sections of clothing, too. Thrift stores often are a little chaotic due to the many donations everyday. Sometimes a size small can be found in the large section or vice versa. 

Sofia also said that she is looking for corduroy this fall because it is usually expensive. While Tully said he is looking for pants and jeans. During the fall different styles of clothing, like these, and different color schemes are more popular. Pants, jeans, and sweatpants are commonly seen around town. 

To find pants and sweats go to the men’s area of the thrift store. Here you can find a looser fit. Look out for brands such as Champion and Nike. For jeans, you can also find comfortable high-waisted jeans in the men’s section. It helps to look up a simple size chart online for size conversions, too. In the women’s section there are tighter fitting jeans. Most of the jeans that are donated are higher-waisted because that was the style in the past. 

Jeans and Pants Section photo courtesy of Evelina Erickson

Flannels and patterns like plaid are highly popular in fall as well. When shopping in the thrift store it is easiest to look for color first. Warmer and neutral tones are perfect for the fall, so a flannel with accentuated primary colors is not the best for fall. However, if that is what you like, go for it! 

Color is not all that goes into a flannel though. Try to find flannels where the checkered pattern has a checkered pattern inside of it. It creates a smoother look than harsh, thick lines. Materials such as 100% cotton for flannels conduct more heat which is not ideal for Santa Barbara weather. Make sure to look at the tags of the clothing items you are buying. This includes the material of the clothing piece and its washing instructions. Cotton, cashmere, corduroy, and fake fur also usually make a comeback in the fall time.

If you want to find a cute jacket or sweater you can typically find them in the back of the store, and remember to go through all of the items. Again, the men’s sweatshirt section is great for finding a comfy, worn in, oversized sweatshirt if that is your style.

Fall and Halloween Decorations photo courtesy of Evelina Erickson 

Fall and Halloween decorations typically have their own area in thrift stores at this time of year. It does depend on the thrift store you go to though. This is a great area for the seniors wanting college decorations for their dorm next year or for a Halloween party. Thrift stores are a fantastic place to find Halloween costumes as well. 

The last quick tips are to always check for stains or holes on the clothing items you are buying and to check when thrift stores have deal days so you can save even more money.

By thrifting, you are helping the environment and finding unique, fun, fall pieces! 

You can take this Google Form to let other students know what thrift stores they should go to: here!

Then, you can also see what thrift stores your peers recommend for you: here!

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