Not Enough Time


Is 30 minutes enough time for lunch? This seems to be the question on many students’ minds. Lunch is a good time for students to catch up with their friends and ask for extra help in different classes. In my opinion, lunch is too short. From my own experience, I’ve only had time to eat half of my food and I couldn’t even have a good conversation with my friends, especially if we have to get a bus pass then we have to rush even more to eat. I’ve asked students from each grade to explain why they want a longer lunch. 

“The way I see it, lunch is too short,” said Freshman Araceli Peralta. “By the time I finish eating I don’t have any time left to talk to teachers or work on assignments” 

Photo by: Katy Clemente Calel

“It’s lowkey boring. It’s not fun at all; it feels like time flies in a matter of seconds.” Said Sophomore Micahel Villapania. “I would want a longer lunch to hang out with friends, talk more, do homework that I have to get done.” 

“I think that the short lunch can be inconvenient for some people due to the fact that it’s a small amount of time.” Said Junior Jaciel Rios. “I feel like it should increase because it gives students the opportunity to enjoy themselves more rather than having a short lunch and then going back to an environment where you can barely socialize. So I feel like having more than 35 minutes is like a good idea because you can talk to your friends and then not worry about the short amount of time while you’re eating food.” 

“It’s not enough time.” Said Senior Natalia Ledesma. “We barely have enough time to get food from the cafeteria if we want to go out and eat, we don’t have enough time to come back and actually eat the food and enjoy it… Since we have longer classes I think a longer break is needed for us.” 

They all thought that lunch was a very short time to do anything such as chatting with friends or eating at a good pace. The people that eat off campus barely have any time to go out and eat. When they do arrive at the restaurant, they have to wait to get their food and then drive/walk all the way back to eat here. Sometimes they eat at the restaurant and it just all takes more than 30 minutes. It can be very stressful for students because lunch is supposed to be your break and a chance to eat and get your energy up. If you feel the same way, you can sign this petition to make a change in our lunchtime length.