Marching Band Updates


A football game would not be complete without San Marcos’ talented marching band, and band director at San Marcos. Michael Kiyoi has played a valuable role in each performance the band executes. Over the years our band has delivered complex and thrilling productions. Their halftime performances and competitions showcase their hard work. Those who have been participating in SM’s marching band for several years have undergone a myriad of challenges, and similarities, when practicing for games, shows, or competitions, compared to past years. 

photo by Gabi Acosta

When asked about the differences and comparisons regarding football game preparations as opposed to previous years, Wendy Benitez, a senior who has played the clarinet her entire high school career, said, “It’s the same, we just practice on our own time and in class just so that we have our songs good and ready to go, the excitement has been the same.”

“It’s very exciting, we’ve been practicing almost every day,” added Olivia Lopez, also a senior who has been in marching band for almost three years playing the vibraphone.

With reference to the same subject, Mr. Kiyoi commented, “It has been pretty similar to past years, we had summer rehearsals which was really good, a little less than we would like but we were able to have them which was great. Going into the school year we’ve had our normal rehearsals during second period and we’ve also had a lot of after school stuff, so I would say, yes pretty much business as usual.” 

photo by Gabi Acosta

And of course, the marching band is quite memorable for their outstanding shows they perform at various halftimes and competitions. This year’s show is called “Sonoran Desert Holiday” displaying themes about the American Southwest. 

A major activity members of the band take part in is their competitions. “We are planning on going to competitions so far. We have a normal schedule of four regular season competitions and if we qualify for championships then we’ll do that, and I think that we are going to qualify,” said Mr. Kiyoi.

It will certainly be exciting to see the performances put on by our skilled marching band, as well as experience the exciting touch they add to football games. So next time you are at a football, take note of the great effort put in by members to produce such impressive productions.