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The Latest Fall Trends of 2021

The Latest Fall Trends of 2021

For the fall season of 2021, there are many trends that are being explored and rediscovered from different time periods. We can all agree that fashion trends from the 90’s-2000’s are becoming more and more popular with the younger generation. It is no surprise that many neutral and warm tones are trending at this time. What I like about these trends making these comebacks is the fact that people are now starting to put their own twist on these styles. Many celebrities like Madison Beer, Harry Styles, and Emma Chamberlain have now started setting the standard for what people should go for, making a lasting impact on many. From wearing platform boots to guys wearing nail polish, any new trends have flourished, encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones. Listed below are set standards for our age in society/what’s making a comeback so continue reading if you want to learn a thing or two about styling and presenting yourself in this era!

Platform Shoes

Image courtesy of Naked Wolfe

It is no doubt that platform shoes have started becoming more and more popular. White platform tennis shoes are most popular currently. Even a classic black knee high platform moment can do wonders to any outfit! These shoes add the perfect touch of chic to any look. I personally wear my platform shoes with baggy jeans or a cute tennis skirt! A long flowy skirt with dark platform shoes accentuate the look as well.

“It has impacted me,” said Senior Katie Lopez. “Before I wouldn’t wear any platform shoes, but now that they’re trendy I wanna wear them, I think it’s better now because I love the tall look it gives everyone. I think it makes everyone look more confident.”

Nail Polish on Boys

Harry Styles putting his own twist on painted nails image courtesy of Jenny Longworth

A few decades ago, boys wearing nail polish would not be as popular or even “trendy.” The significance of its popularity, especially worn by many famous celebrities and influencers, make lasting impacts on many. Using nail polish is becoming more and more acceptable to both genders at any age.This new trend has created a whole portal of varieties of different styles and looks. People like Harry Styles and feminine male figures have started branching out and wearing these different nail looks.

Claw Clips

Image courtesy of @jordannicolette on Instagram

Something I have noticed coming back to school this year is claw clips! During this fall season especially, an up-do hair look will go great in any outfit. Everyone is wearing them in all kinds of colors, from white to black, smaller sized clips for different hair styles, larger clips for holding up all your hair. A very popular color being worn is green. The most popular way to style it is by twisting your hair till the tips of your hair are twisted, and tying it together with the clip and letting some hair stick out of the clip for more of a messy yet effortless effect. The slick and chic look adds a perfect amount of effortlessness to every look. You can never go wrong with wearing a claw clip!

Sweater Vests

Image courtesy of GreenlandCreations on Etsy

 For the fall of 2021, sweater vests are making a big appearance and are gender neutral. A vest over a white shirt is perfect for a fall look. These sweater vests can range from cable knit, argyle, aran and solid color. Even adding a white collared t-shirt under the vest adds some zest. Vests can also make the perfect fit for school, since they are comfortable and go with any occasion. @clotheraboutique and @anotherchill are the online shops to go to if you are looking for your next vest purchase.

Image courtesy of REALTAKAI

“Even if I don’t wear these sweater vests myself,” said Senior Alejandro Gil. “I still see other people wear them pretty often and it does look good on them. Thanks to platforms like Tiktok and Instagram we’ve been seeing what other people are doing and are now adding our own twists to it.”

Overall, these looks fit perfectly for fall. They are all very different and unique in their own way. A variety of nail looks, warm tones to an all black nail set is in style now. As well as claw clips and the edgy look it gives you. There are so many possibilities and varieties. Looking forward to seeing the different styles of these unique trends on other people!

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The Latest Fall Trends of 2021