Mexico’s independence

September 16 is a very special day for Mexicans. The victory of the independence of Mexico is celebrated. On September 15, the celebration of independence begins, the “cry of independence” or the “cry of pain,” is given from the zócalo in CDMX at dawn. The cry was started by the priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the town of Dolores Hidalgo. He made that cry as a call to fight against the Spanish government that had invaded Mexico. On this day the phrases of “VIVA MÉXICO! and VIVA LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE! ” etc. It is a day of national patriarchal pride.

The independence of Mexico is celebrated in many ways. With traditional dances such as folk dance and traditional food, they make parades, put on many fireworks that thunder in the sky and make castles that light the streets with joy and colors. The president gives a speech in representation of the one that Mr. Hidalgo gave in 1810 and at the end the president rings the bell of the zocalo and everyone begins with the cry of independence.

If you did not manage to celebrate the independence of Mexico, this month starting on September 15, the month of Hispanic / Latinx heritage began and here at the school the MECHA group will do events to celebrate culture, it ends on October 15.

I spoke with Wendy Benitez, she is in the twelfth grade. She participates in the MECHA group and she told us “We are organizing events and activities here at the school. On the 16th we are going to put on music in Spanish at lunchtime and we will play the Golden Horse.” Today at lunchtime they did it and if there was participation of some students.

Erika Olea, another student from San Marcos, participated in Caballo dorado Dance and here is what she said after dancing, “I honestly did not expect it, the first year when I was in ninth you did not see inclusivity. It was a lot of fun and I saw other people who are not Latino or Hispanic participated and it was nice to feel their support.”