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Homecoming Court Personality Profile


San Marcos’ homecoming nominations have been announced! The 8 seniors nominated this year are as follows: Gabe Casey, Skylar Yonemura, Bianey Sanchez, Wendy Benitez, Alondra Hernandez, Johnny Britton, Mariana Cardenas, and Itzel Segundo. 

Gabe Casey.

Nominee Gabe Casey, ASB president and former president of the Turkish Culture club, said, “It came as a surprise, but I have to say it’s an honor that people thought of me in such a regard and so I appreciate that”. As the ASB president, Gabe feels very strongly about the issues surrounding our campus, for example, “Mental health in terms of outreach to students; one thing that I think we still need to work on is ease of access, I know even if these care providers are made available at schools a lot of students who are feeling overwhelmed alone drained they have difficulty getting the care they need and deserve because of the process in which they have to go about to get that care,” added Gabe. On top of this goal, Gabe hopes to work on being more approachable and encourage other students to come to him for personal or school troubles. In addition he said, “I think it’s good that the needs of a minority group that previously had not been addressed are now able to be included in our school traditions in a way where they feel recognized and heard, that’s why we’re here to assure that everyone’s voice is heard,” in reference to the new inclusive homecoming court nominations.

Skylar Yonemura.

Skylar Yonemura, a member of the AAPLE academy, ASB, and captain at a local dance company, answered, “It’s really exciting and it’s fun to get to know the other people on the court and its great to see other leaders and work with them just doing fun activities, and it’s been fun spending time with them,” regarding her nomination. Skylar’s goals for this year include getting through her college applications successfully and putting on fun senior activities alongside ASB for those who have missed out these past two years. An issue Skylar deems important is mental health. She commented, “I think something that needs to be addressed right now is mental wellness I know that there has been a lot of mental crisis on campus and its important we take the input of the students and really find what the root of the causes are and I think one great way to do this is to have more educators that is really versed in mental wellness like a therapist at school which would help a lot of the students”. Also, she would like to make time for friends, work, school, and most importantly, herself.

Bianey Sanchez.

Bianey Sanchez, a member of the San Marcos girls lacrosse team, shared she was both excited and nervous about her recent nomination. This year Bianey would like to work on being involved in the school community, as well as being more outgoing and getting good grades. Bianey added that now with the non-gender conforming court, she is glad that everyone has a chance to be nominated and on the court.

Wendy Benitez.

Wendy Benitez, president of MECHA, treasurer of RFAST, ASB secretary, and member of both the San Marcos Marching band and the lacrosse team enjoys doing arts and crafts and going on walks in her free time. Wendy said that a problem on campus she wants addressed is, “I feel like a lot of students of color aren’t as involved in different things, so I think they need to be more encouraged by their own peers and staff, to get more involved in activities like ASB or different clubs”. One of Wendy’s goals for this year is to, “work with MECHA to promote latinx cultural awareness on campus,” as well as work on her time management skills. Finally, she commented, “I feel super excited, it’s an honor and I’m just so excited,” in response to her nomination.

Alondra Hernandez.

Alondra Hernandez shared that in her free time she enjoys singing and playing the ukulele. This year Alondra aims to be happier with herself and set herself up financially, as well as spend her time wiser. As a nominee for the homecoming court, she is most excited to be able to cosplay as a princess, and said, “I think its really good because people that are non-binary are able to participate and they wont feel excluded,” about the new process of nominations.

Johnny Britton.

Johnny Britton, vice president of the national honor society, member of the cross country and track team, and math club. Johnny hopes that being vice president of NHS will give him the opportunity to experience leadership in a new way. In his free time, Johnny enjoys gardening, running, and going to the beach. He added, “I feel great, I feel honored and I’m happy to represent the school,” about his nomination. Johnny hopes that this year he gets into a good college and becomes a better person by working on himself. Further, he mentioned the work needing to be done in regards to mask wearing on campus.

Mariana Cardenas.

Mariana Cardenas, a member of HOSA, Homes for Us, Avid, and the Health Academy, enjoys spending time with her friends and family commented, “I’d like to make more friends because it’s my last year here and do as much as I can in school activities,” as a goal for herself. She also said, “I’m really grateful it was really unexpected but I’m really grateful for this opportunity” regarding her nomination. An issue on campus she believes should be addressed is the discriminstion and bullying against people on campus.

Itzel Segundo.

Itzel Segundo, a member of the Home for Us club along with Alondra, as well as MECHA, enjoys spending time with her friends and going out on walks. Itzel hopes to get accepted to the college or university of her choice this year, and plans to work on her overstressing and overthinking things. Lastly, Itzel added, “I’m pretty nervous but I’m excited, it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” about being nominated and, “I think it good, it’s something new, it’s very well deserved so we all get the opportunity,” about the gender inclusive nominations.

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Homecoming Court Personality Profile