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Colorful flower bouquets can be found at any local grocery store. Use these to make some fun flower arrangements with friends this Valentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day

Candice Cugnier, Lifestyle Editor February 14, 2024

Are you lonely on Valentine’s Day? Instead of watching others enjoy the day, grab your friends and plan some fun activities for the day! Every year when Valentine's Day rolls around, many think that...

Chocolate lava cake rich in flavor. These are a great for Valentine’s Day, especially when made gluten free.

What Says Valentine’s More Than Chocolate?

Keira Perkin, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

Something about Valentine’s Day just screams chocolate and sweets. And what would Valentine’s Day be without all sorts of chocolate baked goods? These two fancy looking desserts, that are actually...

Heart shaped pepperoni slices decorate a heart shaped pizza. Gather your friends for some fun Valentine’s Day cooking.

Love Bites: Valentine’s Day Dining Delights

Viviana Galindo, Spanish Editor February 14, 2024

Whether you have a date or not this Valentines Day, it’s important for you to take yourself or a loved one out for food to celebrate the love in the air. Valentine’s Day themed food has become more...

People getting registered to vote for the election in November. As soon as people turn 18, they can register to vote, in order to be ready for elections.

Voting Registration Made Easy

Avital Abramov, Guest Writer February 14, 2024

2024: Election year. With many seniors turning 18 this year, this is especially exciting as this is the first time they will be voting. Already on campus AP American Government teacher Charles Clow helps...

Healthy Foods for Winter

Winter Wellness Tips

Shaun Kaylor, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

  Winter time is all about the cold. Literally. Though some people love the cold weather it can be hard to enjoy catching an unlucky cold and ruining your winter break. With that, leading up to...

The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Holiday Bakes: The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Maisha Taseen, Copy Editor December 14, 2023

You’re sitting on your couch, with your blanket on your lap and the fireplace crackling, a nice scented candle lit, you couldn’t be warmer. You think to yourself, could I be more comfortable? How about...

Gift Giving For the Holidays

Gift Giving For the Holidays

Parker Morgan, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

  Giving gifts during the holiday season can be a bit challenging. Sometimes people are hard to gift for, or maybe they are new friends who haven’t shared their interests. Either way here are...

Miniature Christmas Tree

Holiday Decor Ideas

Natalie Anderson, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

The halls are decked, the stockings are hung, and there are presents underneath the tree. The holiday season has begun, and for a lot of people that means decorating your house. For those who celebrate...

Gingerbread House Materials

Gingerbread House Tips & Tricks

Hope Smith, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

  The Christmas season is here, people are getting in the holiday spirit and stores are selling gingerbread houses. These tips can help you win a gingerbread making contest, Before getting into...

Candle Wishlist Ideas

Holiday Wishlist Inspiration for 2023

Gemma Cooper, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

It is the most wonderful time of the year. The time where the weather drops, spirit peaks, and windows are decorated with bows and branches of pine. A lot of us might take out a notepad or google docs...

Completely Ready Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Recipe

Hope Smith, Staff Writer November 16, 2023

As Thanksgiving is approaching people are getting ready to gather with their loved ones and indulge in a feast. If you're looking for mouthwatering recipes that will leave your guests going for seconds,...

Princess Polly Leather Miniskirt

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Gemma Cooper, Staff Writer November 16, 2023

Thanksgiving is a charming holiday celebrating family, gratitude, and the last sliver of fall. While classically known for its delicious food or celebration of the early-on pilgrims, some may also think...

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