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Bright Future of ASB

Bright Future of ASB

Chelsea Miao, Staff Writer April 18, 2024

2,000 students. 2,000 voices. 2,000 dreams. How does one carry the weight of 2,000 people? What kind of person does it take? These are the questions students asked themselves on March 13th at the Greek...

Mr. Clow and junior Ben Watson at Pride Weeks Day of Silence event.

San Marcos Pride Week

Chelsea Miao, Staff Writer April 16, 2024

What does pride mean to you? At San Marcos, pride is synonymous with school spirit. Games, rallies, and assemblies all contribute to a sense of San Marcos unity and establish a sense of community for...

Students watch the Solar Eclipse.

Ten Solar Eclipse Fun Facts

Candice Cugnier and Aurora Ivanova April 8, 2024

Hello Royals, the solar eclipse is today, as most of you may know, due to the overload of comments from everyone. Solar eclipses are rare and only happen every few years. When they happen, the moon passes...

Shakadmik singing in the Greek Theatre

Shakademik set to perform at Spring Fling

Benjamin Callanan, Staff Writer April 3, 2024

Very few things are certain in life: birth, death, and Shakir Ahmad (better known as Shakademik) returning to his high school for a concert. Lucky for us, neither of the first two is happening now. Despite...

Water bottles behind the fence after confiscation for being “too disruptive.” They were incarcerated after an unfair trial against Mrs. Dupont.

SBUnified School District Plans to Ban all Water Bottles during class for being “Too Disruptive”

Lila Westcott, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

The SBUnified District in the most recent School Board meeting decided that water bottles should be banned from class time. This decision follows as Santa Barbara community members have been able to hear...

Oftedal with his eardrum destroyer ready to teach the entire school.

Students Boycott Oftedal’s Class After Eardrum Damage, Find they are Entitled to Compensation

Keira Perkin, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

San Marcos is facing a fiery lawsuit from five students and their parents after the students sustained serious eardrum damage from AP World History teacher Trevor Oftedal. The voice of Oftedal is so...

Actor Mylo Bustany enjoys a pleasant day of watching his clone do his homework.

The Theaterclones

Roman Trovato, A&E Editor April 2, 2024

In the past couple of days, a schoolwide debate has taken over campus as conjectures, arguments, and even acts of physical violence have risen over the theater department's controversial move to install...

HCA Celsius IV station by the F-wing!

Need That Extra Energy Boost For Midterm Season?

Sabrina Rashti, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

People have tried so many ways to stay up in order to study and be productive, but let’s be honest here, not many people have been successful. As midterms are slowly approaching, students are in need...

Prom venue fully decorated!

San Marcos Prom Organizers Greenlight Shrek-Themed Prom

Olivia Marceda, Editor in Chief March 20, 2024

The San Marcos prom committee has decided to ditch the glitz and glamor of the Roaring Twenties for something a little more... swampy. Yes, you read that right. The Great Gatsby theme has been cast aside...

Protesting students on varsity track

Justice in Slow Motion

Baylie Bingham, Sports Editor March 20, 2024

Track and field is not a single sport but a collection of disciplines, each with its own set of skills and requirements. Though oftentimes the sport has been pushed to the side and labeled as not a “real...

Santa Barbara City College Logo

SBCC Acceptance Rates Drop After Seeing San Marcos Students’ Applications

Aurora Ivanova, Opinion Editor March 20, 2024

In a shocking turn of events, SBCC is facing a huge crisis: too many people are applying with shockingly underwhelming transcripts. San Marcos applicants have left the City College in shambles and are...

Slow students get busted by ruthless campus security

San Marcos to Crackdown on Number of Slow Walkers, will Follow Slow Students with Golf Cart and Airhorn

Keira Perkin, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

Road rage is real. But, talked about much less are the dangers of sidewalk rage. Too many students suffer from the damaging effects of being stuck behind slow walkers intent on ruining everyone else’s...

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