Best Parking Lot


I think we all know that we have two main parking lots: the A and the C lot. There has been a huge debate on which parking lot is the best one. Personally for me the C lot is the parking lot I tend to favor. It is super easy to get into the lot if you are going towards Turnpike. I also like to park in the C lot because it is the most convenient for where my classes are located. There is plenty of space in the C lot for students. I think we can say that the A lot can definitely have lots of traffic in the morning with all the parents dropping kids off as well as students parking, which can add to more unwanted traffic in the morning. 

Image courtesy of Lilli Arconti

“C lot is the only lot that I know will have spots 100%, plus the A lot traffic coming from the freeway is terrible, only downside is the traffic leaving the C lot,” said senior Dominic Wilson. 

The A lot is great for quick drop off since the roundabout is the center piece. Although this does create more traffic that is harder to maneuver around.

A good part of the A lot is that it is close to the F wing and that area of the school. Parking there would be nice if you had a first period over there. Which would help if you end up coming late to school. That also goes for the same with the C lot, if you have classes near that area. The spaces in the lot are also further away from each other, which makes it easier to back out with a lower risk of hitting any parked cars. In the C lot the lanes are a little closer together which makes it a little tight backing up and getting out of the lot.

“I park in the C lot because the A lot is usually full, and the C lot has lots of space,” said junior Cooper Stoddard.

The C lot’s only major issue that I can think of is the paving and the opacity of the parking lines. It is sometimes a little difficult to know whether or not you’ve parked inside the lines, since they are too light to see. The paving could be updated to make the rough gravely parking lot a little bit more smooth. Although that would take time and money to fix, and I don’t think everyone wants to wait for the C lot to get redone.

I think that both of the parking lots are good choices; it just depends on how you utilize where you go. Be safe while leaving either of the parking lots and don’t get too mad with the traffic on the way out.