The History of St. Patrick’s Day



A St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Dublin

Did you know that St. Patrick’s day is coming up on March 17,2023? The day of leprechauns, eating food and wearing a ton of green. This day has long been celebrated. It first commenced in the year of 1613 when it was called ‘Feast Day’, a day dedicated to eating and drinking alcohol. This day celebrates the arrival of Christianity which created a colonization holiday in Ireland and the culture that started it from the Kelts who were the original natives from Ireland.  

Many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations include festivals, and public parades to praise the creators of the holiday. Most of the parades were founded  in the 18th century North America. British people in Ireland  had not  ever done many festivals but they were noticing the trend that North America was having and decided to try it too. Ireland began to have banquets and dances that became very popular and expanded. In the same way, they also created a large day by wearing green to not get pinched by leprechauns to make you invisible to  them.  

Though it is widely acknowledged that there are many people who love to celebrate this special day, it also has some criticisms. Some argue that there is public drunkenness and disorderly conduct as a result of the holiday. Some even say this day has become too commercialized and tacky and should not be celebrated anymore because of old traditions. It has also become a stereotype that lots of Irish people dislike because it creates a judgemental way they are viewed with being drunk and creating chaos in this day. 

In the past few years it has been tough to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of the Coronavirus. Instead, they decided to celebrate on television and events such as parades were virtually streamed on the SPF TV online channel in 2021. Thankfully now in 2023,  all the traditions and events are starting up again in person. 

“It’s great to celebrate this holiday, I love wearing green to not get pinched but I never knew so much about this holiday but now that I do I highly appreciate it,” said Natalie Ayala, a senior at San Marcos High School. 

Overall this is a great holiday to be had and a way to commemorate a long standing tradition. Do not forget to wear your green and Happy St. Patrick’s day!