Do You Know Your New ASB?

The ASB elections are a tradition of San Marcos. Every year students campaign for leadership positions in the Associated Student Body. The positions range from ASB President to Commissioner of the Arts, each one requiring a different set of skills. This year’s election was unique in many ways. For one, many of the students ran unopposed. Positions such as Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Presidents had only one candidate. Another difference of this year’s election was the level of diversity in candidates, with ten of the fourteen elected being women and eight of the fourteen being people of color. 

The ASB elections results are as follows: President Kavya Suresh, Vice President Mitzi Ojendis, Advocate Parliamentarian Declan Braverman, Secretary Gracie Fedor, Treasurer Katie Kracke, Student Board Rep Kian Strenn, Organizations Fatima Arias, Communications Jahzara Yossem – Guy, Assemblies Caitlyn Early / Jaxx Satterfield, Athletics Geovanni Sotero / Carley Nielsen, Intercultural Relations Susanna De Jesus Palma, Arts Miranda Mares Morales. All the elected students are juniors and sophomores. Since these positions are enacted during the 2023-2024 school year, seniors do not run.

The newly elected students have hopes and ambitions for their positions. Newly elected ASB President, Kavya Suresh shared her hope of making a safe community at San Marcos.

“What I’m really excited to do is to focus on building a culture of community,” said junior Kavya Suresh. “I can help students interact with each other and also help adults on our campus interact with students. I am really hoping to be that student voice in those adult conversations and bring other students into those conversations so we’re not having students feel like they’re not listened to in the classroom or on campus. I’m gonna try to focus on holistic well being.”

A large part of building community on campus is having every student represented. In the newly elected ASB, many more students on campus see themselves represented. With their new positions of influence, the newly elected students have the power to make San Marcos safe for everyone. Kavya Suresh spoke about being a woman of color and the future ASB President. 

“There is always this internal battle of do I assimilate or do I stand up for what I believe in?” Said Kavya. “That absolutely is something I hope will bring a new perspective to ASB and I also hope it will help us show that we’re not just a group that puts on events. We have a specific responsibility to represent and advocate.”

The students elected will get to show their abilities to represent and advocate starting next school year. In the meantime we say goodbye to all of the current ASB leaders that have served our school.