Murder Mystery 2 Review


Murder Mystery 2 is finally on Netflix, having been released on March 31, 2023. Murder Mystery 2 stars beloved actor and actress, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, who play Nick and Audery Spitz. Murder Mystery 2 is a movie of action, mystery, and comedy. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston form a dynamic duo with spectacular acting and commentary. In the movie, the happily married couple is invited to go to a wedding in the Caribbean where the groom is abducted. The couple is from New York City, Nick is an ex-police officer for the NYPD and Audrey is an-ex hairdresser. Nick and Audrey take matters into their own hands and end up at the center of the investigation. Although the movie had its moments, I felt that overall Murder Mystery 2 was disappointing. 

Murder Mystery 2 did not pack the same surprises as its predecessor. (Spoiler Warning.) For instance, In the first movie, I never would have expected the Italian racecar driver and the English actresses to have been the killers. It also paved the way for a spectacular car chase at the end of the movie. While in Murder Mystery 2, the storyline felt predictable and it did not  surprise me that Detective Conner Miller and Saira were the perpetrators. 

Murder Mystery 2 also was not nearly as funny as the first one. Throughout the storyline, many of the jokes fell flat. Part of the reason is because recycled jokes from the first movie were not transitioned well into the second movie. For instance, in Murder Mystery 1 when the killer was attempting an escape while holding Inspector Delacriox hostage, Nick and Audrey try to find a way to stop him from getting away. The two find a Ferrari in the front of the house in which Nick is ecstatic. But when he gets in the car, he gets in the passenger seat while his wife Audrey gets in the driver seat. In a rush, Audrey apologizes and drives the Ferrari in the chase which sets up a funny banter between the two. But in the second movie, after Nick and Audrey escape the trap set up by Countless Sekou and Imani, the couple find themselves in need of transportation. The two find a Lamborghini sitting out front in which Nick is also ecstatic to drive, especially since Audrey got to drive the Ferrari in the first movie. But once again, Nick gets in the passenger seat while Audrey gets in the driver’s seat and Audrey gets to drive the car. The banter between the two in this scene just was not  funny. What makes this scene worse was how the two were not in any immediate rush, they could have traded seats so Nick could drive. I think what would have been more funny is if Nick tried to break the windshield, hurting himself and the windshield does not even crack, just to find out the car was unlocked with the key in the center console. This scene would have fit the storyline better because there would have been hilarious commentary from Adam Sandler and a bold response from Jennifer Aniston. 

Even though Murder Mystery 2 was disappointing, it had its moments. A scene I thought was funny was when Inspector Delacriox lets Nick and Audrey tie him up in the theater in order for them to escape. This scene was hilarious and helped for a smooth transition into the next scene. But, I believe the movie could have been written better. There was so much potential for this movie to be great, maybe even better than its predecessor. The movie was missing the same mystery, action, and comedy as the first one, which was why it did not live up to my expectations.