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SMHS Yearbook

Jax Statterfield running into the dug out

The San Marcos Baseball team is on fire this year, with an impressive 15-5 overall record and a dominant 9-1 record in the Channel League after a sweeping victory against Pacifica. The team’s hard work and dedication are evident attesting to their daily efforts on the field.

According to Jax Satterfield, “We have been putting in the work every day, and it shows. No one else is doing what we do every day.”

  The team’s commitment to continuous improvement and relentless practice is paying off, as they have been consistently outperforming their opponents throughout the season.

One of our main goals this year is to win our third straight Channel League title, and they are well on their way to achieving it. With two more league series to go against Santa Barbara and Buena, the team is determined to maintain their winning streak and secure another championship.

The competition in Channel League includes teams like Ventura, Dos Pueblos, Oxnard, Pacifica, Santa Barbara, and Buena vying for the title. In addition to league games, we have also played in non-league games, including Santa Paula, Calabasses, Sierra Canyon, and Valencia.

The success of the San Marcos Baseball team can be attributed to their unwavering work ethic, teamwork, and exceptional talent. The players’ commitment to daily practice and improvement has resulted in an outstanding overall record and a dominant position in the Channel League. Their pursuit of a third straight league title is a testament to their dedication and desire to excel. Their hard work and passion for the game have earned us to be in the position we are right now.

“This week we play Santa Barbara High School, Tuesday at SB, Friday home.” said  Varsity left outfielder Darren Orlando. 

As the season progresses, the San Marcos Baseball team continues to display exceptional performance on the field. With their eyes set on a third consecutive Channel League title, the team’s future looks promising, and their success is undoubtedly well-deserved as they look to extend thier sixth game win streak.