Nothing But Lacrosse Net

At San Marcos the girls Lacrosse teams have barks to match their bites. This year’s Junior Varsity and Varsity teams have incredible enthusiasm for their sport and the varsity team is well on their way to the Channel League Championship. Their seasons started in January, each with different goals but both with a high level of determination. Varsity started their season ready to dominate after a highly successful season last year. Their current record is eight wins and four losses. Their team is made up of one freshman, eleven sophomores, eight juniors, and six seniors. 

“For Varsity, as always, we are aiming at a Channel League Championship and are right in the thick of it. It’s a bit of a youth movement with the varsity team too because we have so many sophomores and juniors but it’s all looking good,” said head coach Paul Ramsey.

With a younger team their future is set up for success. They will have experienced players in years to come, ready to help train new players. Many potential varsity players are currently on the JV team. The JV team set out this season to build their team and hone in their game strategy. 

“For JV, since so many players are new, all of their games are a great learning experience and they are also winning a few games too,” said Ramsey. 

senior Oceanna Baur protecting our goal

Win or loss, our teams at San Marcos have spectacular sportsmanship and are always encouraging of each other. Coach Ramsey talked about JV’s special energy and enthusiasm this year. This enthusiasm can be clearly seen on their instagram. Videos are made during the week of the players promoting their upcoming games or showing the score of previous games. They can be followed at smglax on Instagram. On top of their enthusiasm, seniors are honored and celebrated during the end of season. Some players have dedicated their high school careers to the sport, having played for all four years. To celebrate the seniors,see their senior game on April 24 and 25.

Go get your red, blue, and royal pride on for the next home Varsity and JV Lacrosse games on April 16 at the Warkiton Stadium. Tickets can be bought on GOFAN. Go Royals!