Letter From the Editors


Olivia Marceda

Don’t look too closely… instead read these final goodbyes :(

Dear San Marcos, 

We have been together for four years. They have dragged on way too long, but seemed way too fast all at the same time. But here we are, at the end! There has been a lot of work leading up to this point: hard, easy, fun, boring. Regardless, we got through it all, and have earned this ending. 

It is weird to think that we are at the end of our time here. After being seniors for a whole year, it is going to be hard to go back to being freshmen. It feels like we are giving up all of our progress, and having to start completely over again. But in that, there is a very freeing feeling. We are finally done with this place! We get to make a fresh start on our own! Nothing from these past four years really mattered, and that is so sick. 

Well, some things mattered. Like the King’s Page. It mattered a lot, and will always matter, because it was a huge part of our time here. We spent countless hours on making this publication. We wrote, edited, layed out, stressed, gossiped, ate, and made memories that will last forever.

My (Elizabeth’s) favorite memory from the King’s Page is the first time I went to pick up papers. It was a horrendously chaotic trip with lots of wrong turns, too fast turns, earsplitting music, and coffee that took way long to be ready.  Though we were super late to third period, it was worth it because we had our first printed issue in hand, and in my case, a cupcake!

My (Ben’s) favorite memory was during our underground poker ring. My sophomore friend Roman Gislimberti was on a winning streak, and he started flipping out and yelling that he was the “King of Poker” (though he is not). 

One of the best parts of being a senior is being qualified to give really good advice. The best piece of advice we have for you is to take Journalism. We are contractually obligated to plug this class, but fortunately, we mean it. 

Journalism is a very unusually structured class, meaning that there is a lot of independent work time (to write articles, etc.). This free time is perfect for meeting new people in all different grades. Where else is there an opportunity for a freshman and senior to become besties? We guarantee that every person comes out of this class with at least one new friend. This is a great place to find your community at San Marcos, and make this place feel like home. 

Additionally, we have parties every time we publish an issue. Ice cream parties, pizza parties, we have even had cookie decorating parties! And, depending on what articles people are writing, sometimes we will try the different foods or drinks that they wrote about.  This is an even bigger perk when you learn that Journalism is during third period; some days it feels like an extended lunch break.

Needless to say, this class will be missed a lot. It has had a huge impact on both of our lives, from improving our writing skills to becoming our second home. 

Thank you so much Willbanks for being an amazing advisor, and basically our mom. Even though the physical copies we so lovingly created will one day disappear, our memories from this wonderful time in our lives will always remain with us.  

Thank you so much for reading the King’s Page and supporting us during our time here. We will miss all of you so much. 

Unlike last years editors, we actaully know how to spell, so there will be no more singing.

Signing off, 

Elizabeth Léka, Ben Naftali, and the spirit of Leo Metzger