Senior Wills


I, MIYA LEHMAN, will to…

Melina Vela: take care of Neo and walk him because I know my family will not 

Mr. Oftedal: Stay hip and fly, keep kids from making out in the halls


I, DIANA MAIDA, will to…

Elizabeth Maida: forever be known as Diana’s little sister in your upcoming years 

Mr. Fiedorek: my love and support as you continue your teaching journey


Yo KAREN GONZÁLEZ quiero despedirme de… 

Ms. Sara Ahlers: mi amiga y sobre todo la mejor maestra que mis ojos an podido ver quiero desearle muchas bendiciones y todo la felicidad del mundo en su familia  Dios bendiga su vida Ms. Ahlers la amo mucho. Siempre estará en mi corazón su hermosa sonrisa la extrañare.


I, LUKE WALKER, will to…

Charlie Magid: my swagger

Landon Sheffey: my frisbee golf ability


I, MAX ENRIGHT, will to…

The school chefs: always keeping me fed and that mmmmmmhhhh so tasty food

To myself: stay frosty



Dayne Dreste: Physco Pass blown out speakers 



Donna Barker: All the love and patience in the world, wonderful things to look forward to. Your sacrifice and love for us does not go unnoticed. 

Sean Donnell: The spirit of hardworking and determined students, as well as a break you deserve from nonsense.

Victor Ramirez: All the Coca-Cola gummies. Enough energy to match your patience as well as the ability to learn Canvas. I believe in you. 

Marie Bagdanov: Students who will fangirl/fanboy over interests you enjoy, as well as good vibes and people you can to open up to. 

Maisha Taseen: Free coffee and another person who will be at your side to be your support chef when I’m gone.

Xanthe Bodnar: Some brain cells, a trip to space and a no art block pass. Though let’s be real I’m never leaving you alone.

Megan Dalke: A Prince Charming, a life pass to Disneyland, and for the gods to finally see you as the goddess you are.


I, RILEY VICKERS, will to…

All you can eat chicken nuggets, for the animals to realize you are a Disney princess, and for the world to see how much of a pure kind soul you are. 

Crash Hawkins: The perfect “one”, a successful career, and no stress to be a certain way. The ability to see how much you mean to people with just a simple “howdy”.


I, ISIS CANALES, will to….

Ms. Medina: Kindness and patience teaching. 

Mr. Gonzalez: Understanding and Kindness  teaching.


I, MACY KROCK, will to… 

Sofia Kramer: The SM parking professionals instagram account.


I, CHARLIE BOYES, will to…

Sam Zubas: all the rest of the prime bottles at ralphs


I, AMERICA AVILA, will to…

Ms. Simpkins: always encouraging and trust worthy



Mr. Oftedal: the contextualizations that will forever sit in my camera roll. 

Mrs. Tilton: 5 years of life that you spent telling students not to do drugs. 

Mr. Ricci: some sunshine to balance out all the shade you threw at us. 

Mr. Hiracheta: another Taylor Swift clock.


I, KENYA ARIAS, will to…

Ms. Medina: Legos

Abril Rodriguez Flores: Glitter, to never lose your spark

Ozzy Salgado: My Starbucks gift cards (Caffeine addiction ain’t real, don’t listen to the haters)

Carlos Gomez: A helmet


I, RILEY GREEN, will to… 

Katie Krake: the volleyball team 

Brody Green: the family SM Legacy


I, PAUL SANDOVAL, will to…

Lachlan D. Martinez: My Ps5


I, PATRICK KELLY, will to… 

Dayne Dreste: My McDonald’s reward points


I, SAMMIE DEMMON, will to…

Clara Stump: an endless supply of gummy clusters



Easton Rose: Sprint group leader duties


I, NATASHA GILL, will to…

Jolie Mardiat: tennis abilities 

Profe Young: suerte para la clase del año que viene!


I, BRIANNA CRUZ, will to…

Angelina Cruz: amazing bike skills



Juddiana Reveles: the motivation to not get senioritis


I, SAMUEL EATON, will to…

Coach Peera: Best calves on campus


I, DAWSON KELLY, will to…

Kavya Suresh: the Honor of Being ASB President

Gracie Fedor and Nic Prentice: Survivor night hosting rights 

Caitlyn Early and Jaxx Satterfield: the challenge of unifying your senior class


I, AGUSTIN FUNEZ, will to…

Kasey Peña Martinez: Splatoon will always be the best nintendo franchise, btw make sure to watch prehistoric planet it rules


I, LUKE HILL, will to…

Mr.Tragarz: the thousands of forged T-bucks 


I, REINA FRITZ, will to…

Harlyn Griffin: a lifetime supply of blue sour punch straws

Reagan Conway: so many shoes to buckle

Mianna Sturm: that one junior

Sienna Shalhoub: major thrifting super powers

Hannah Henderson: the patience to get through mads without me <3


I, BEN NAFTALI, will to…

Roman Gislimberti: The ability to hit a bench over 175 pounds. 

Baylie Bingham: symmetrical freckles.

Avery Estrella: A new cousin. 

Katie Kracke: A Duke acceptance.

Olivia Marceda: A spine.

Violet Christman: New meds. 



Otis Carter: all the sand from my spikes

Olivia Marceda: my scissor skills

Avital Abramov: stickers to bedazzle your case packet

Aurora Ivanova: Opinion

Anna Jacobsen: my book review column (please give it a name)

Maya Coltrin/Abigail Mitchell: Hiking Club

Kaitlyn Caldow: my spikes, blood included

Noelle Cabrera: the opinion computer, Peppy Walking

Evelina Erickson: trips to the bins



Sabrina Rashti: watching “My Policeman” over the summer

Mr. Ricci: “yeah”

Mr. Tragarz: history books