September Horoscopes


C & C Editor


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)-This is your month to shine! Your detail-oriented, just, and assistive personality will make your birthday month your best month of the year. Mercury, leader of your sun sign, moves in on September 19th, increasing productivity. This is lucky for you, as new knowledge will be coming to you-and it’s no surprise, since you’re back in school. Make time to actually celebrate your birthday-with a significant other, friends, family, or by yourself. Travel is on the horizon for you as well. Near September 20th, your thoughts will turn to physical fitness. Try adding variety to your workout routine if you find yourself doing the same exercises (read: burpees) over and over.


Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)-Libra, you’re also going to be on fire this month! Get ready for innovative, creative ideas, and accomplished goals. However, sometimes you may find your work tedious. Try to find the fun in it by listening to music, having a healthy snack, and taking short breaks in between. Stay comfortable when relaxing at home by keeping photos of loved ones near. Learn that it’s all right to say no to irrelevant, lengthy tasks siblings or friends might pass on to you. At the end of the month, your financial status will greatly improve, enabling you to treat yourself with something special-perhaps a new lipstick or lip gloss, as your lips will be particularly sumptuous and lush this month. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)-Open up a little bit and break out of your shell, Scorpio! You tend to be swayed by logical thinking over emotion. This month, listen to your heart in order to make important decisions. Embrace spontaneity and try not to plan the details of every day. Let your life take its logical course. Confidence will come to you around September 19th. Around the end of the month, look inwards and learn more about yourself. What you dream could be sending you a message. Don’t stay up too late trying to finish that homework assignment or project around September 20th–instead, get it done ahead of time so you can enjoy a day of relaxation and reading an inspirational novel crucial to financial success. September 1st through September 3rd may have seemed dull, but your month will get better as it progresses.


Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 22)-You’ll get closer to your friends this month, sweet Sagittarius. (Netflix, anyone?) Also, what better time than now to apply for a job or internship? If you’re already employed, this month is your month for a raise or promotion. You tend to be a little bit short on cash often, so this good luck will pay off for you. However, while you may become more financially successful, don’t go on a free-for-all shopping spree. If you have someone you regularly try to outdo, use your street smarts this month to supercede them. Use your skill for being outgoing to flaunt your confidence. You may become a little moody around September 19th. Don’t let it bog you down and stay your positive self.


Capricorn (Dec. 23-Jan. 22)-This is your month of discovery. As a teen, you’re becoming very independent. You might have your own car and a job. Or, you may express yourself through the arts or in athletics. Nurture the relationships you have, and love yourself as you are. Additionally, you’ll have many romantic opportunities this month, and you’ll have plenty of good luck. Nevertheless, remember to be cautious so you don’t get too carried away. At school, you’ll really succeed. Expect a wink from someone you once carried a flame for, and return it. Flirt endlessly-it just might lead to a serious relationship. Pay attention to what ideas your teachers, parents, and mentors bring into your life. You’re going to be very creative this month, and you’ll have especially good luck if you’re pursuing theatre.


Aquarius (Jan. 23-Feb.22)-Unplug this month! Your phone will be very tempting, and you’ll constantly have the urge to check Snapchat or Instagram for updates from friends who may be traveling this month. Despite this, you’ll need to be focused because you will have friends who need you for support with their relationships. Read a book and pamper yourself and your mind will stay sharp and alert. You’ll have a great, positive month if you remember to capture the important moments of your life. Give time to others in order to be refreshed. Near the 19th and 21st, you’ll need to study for a test-not just in school-but in ethics, as well.


Pisces (Feb. 23-Mar. 22)-For a fish, you usually get along pretty swimmingly, and this month will be no different. You may need some solitude around September 23, as your friends will be especially talkative. Speaking of friends, you’ll make a couple new ones this month. Who knows where? It may be at a party, at work or school, or while you’re walking down State Street. You might have some relationship trouble around the middle of the month, particularly the 19th. You’ll be doing unusually well in school and will have a heaping dose of luck in love and travel. However, you may lose lots of sleep, rattled by thoughts from the previous day. Like your water friend Scorpio, your dreams are also trying to tell you something, so tune in! They may give you advance notice for upcoming conflicts, buying you time to work out solutions for them. You’ll receive a sudden brainstorm of activity ideas for this coming spring and summer. You may change your mind about style or culinary choice this month, leaving your options open for trying new things.


Aries (Mar. 23-Apr. 22)-This month spells “party” for you! You’ll also have a very mindful month. However, with some good luck must come some bad luck. You may have friends wondering why you’re being shy or standoffish, as this will be a month full of confusion-perhaps only at a party, or maybe in a more formal setting. Be careful before sending texts, as your rant about a previous relationship or friendship may be sent to exactly the wrong person. Someone’s definitely going to go with you to homecoming-you may have already been asked by someone. Self-improvement is a big theme for you: perhaps you’ll improve your eating habits or follow more fashion trends. Frivolity is warned against. You tend to act spontaneously, with a carefree state of mind, and believe your strength will rescue you. Be kind to your superiors, because you’ll need it.


Taurus (Apr. 23-May. 22)-This month, you’ll have your head in the clouds and you’re very likely to fall head over heels for someone new you’ve met recently. Watch out, though. Things are not going to last long, so if anyone you are romantically interested in promises you anything, don’t fall for it. Also, be wary of communicating with anyone you got in a spat with last month. You may find that their tempers will be unusually short. Around the 18th, you will discover that your tendency to care deeply for people has paid off-people will be doing all kinds of favors for you that you’d never expect. You might find some dollar bills on the street-and not just ones, either. If the street is empty, don’t return them. They were put there for a reason-for you to pay them forward. Although you may feel lazy, you need to keep up with being productive. Next month will bring you more relaxation, so make up for this month of hard work in the future. You’ll have an amazingly exciting month, regardless of what happens.


Gemini (May 23-Jun. 22)-Quiet much? You may be some of the time, but this month is your chance to be loud.  Though you will gravitate more towards the home, your family, and your friends, you’ll still find time to be outgoing. Organization is your topic of the month. Are you keeping a balance between sports, school, and fun? Are you finding a way to become more independent? These are the top two questions you’ll be the most focused on. An old friend wants to talk to you, no matter how much you try to ignore them. Give them a chance. You absolutely won’t regret it. If you’ve been working on trying to publish an original novel, but have come to a halt, your creative juices will resume in flowing. September 23 through 25 may spell trouble. Don’t get your hopes up about things you might have wanted to ask for. Wait until a couple of days later.


Cancer (Jun. 23-Jul. 22)-Things are going to be less confusing this month, I promise. You’ll get wind of things before others, starting on the 5th, and you’ll be much more alert. With three lunar eclipses, you’ll be ready for new romance around the 7th. You tend to be a little bit too driven by dreams, so try to stay grounded this month. September 8th is your time to speak up for what you want-you’ll be very likely to get it! If you’re doing some writing, you’ll receive an extra-special creative boost around the 10th. A fresh start is on the horizon around September 12-naggy people will be distanced from you. Your bonds with your favorite parent and best friend will be the strongest they have ever been on this day as well. Use your sassy sparkle to your advantage-if people have been hating on you, it’s your chance to tell them to stop.
Leo (Jul. 23-Aug. 22)-Let’s hear you roar louder, Leo! As you probably already know, you’re SMHS’ favorite sign (no offense to the other signs, of course). You’ve been working so hard, it’s no surprise the rest of the school year will bring financial and emotional success. However, you tend to doubt your abilities and worry about whether you’re “good enough”. You’re way better than you give yourself credit for. You may have some frustration in dealing with friends making callous remarks, but they obviously don’t appreciate how much you shine. It will be no big deal. You’ll meet many new people this month-just you wait and see. This will increase your level of self-esteem and confidence, helping you to work harder to achieve goals you set for yourself in August.

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