Why Halloween is the Best Fall Holiday


Fall is back to school season, the days are starting to get shorter, your sleep schedule is slowly deteriorating, and it seems like nothing is going your way. There is one saving grace for fall though, and that is that it has holidays to give you a chance to stop thinking about school for a while. Fall has two major holidays, one of them is fantastic, fun, creative, and nostalgic, while the other is sort of boring, and while it does provide a break from school, it does not have much else to offer. I do not think it is difficult from those descriptions to guess which holiday is which, because of their obvious differences. Halloween is, simply put, a better holiday. It is much more fun and there is a creative opportunity for people to express themselves.

First things first, Halloween is just more fun. As a kid, you got to run around from house to house collecting free candy. FREE CANDY. Does anything beat that?

“Halloween is the only holiday where you can get a good couple months’ supply of candy,” said sophomore Nathan Shaffer. “You can also hang out with friends for the whole night.”

As Nathan said, you do not only have to collect candy. You can hang out with friends on Halloween, watch scary movies, or merely spend time with your friends. You can even pass out candy, and seeing the joy in the kids’ faces as they run towards you eagerly awaiting you to grab a handful of candy and put it in their bowl is absolutely priceless.

Now, I have to admit, Thanksgiving is not the worst holiday ever. You get a week off of school for it and you get an excuse to eat a large amount of food and then rest for the next 24 hours. And if you like spending a lot of time with your relatives, then maybe Thanksgiving can be a mildly enjoyable holiday. I need to emphasize, MILDLY. As far as pure joy and fun goes, Thanksgiving does not even hold a candle to the excitement of Halloween night. 

On Halloween, you also get to dress up in costume. For one day a year, you get to dress up as anything that you can dream of. Costumes can sometimes be uncomfortable, I am not going to deny that, but they can also be amazing. You get to step into the shoes of anybody in the world, it can be a fictional character, a real life celebrity, or anything else that you can think of. You also get to express yourself and show off a part of your personality.

A group of SMHS seniors wearing a wide range of fun costumes. Photo courtesy of Abigail Grant

“Costumes are great because they let each person share a part of their personality that everyone might not know about,” said Junior Lukas Hruza. 

You can buy your costume, or you can have a great time making it, and either way, it is a blast.

Halloween is the best fall holiday by a mile. Thanksgiving is fine, you get to eat good food and you get a break from school. It does not compare, though, to the overwhelming fun of collecting candy and dressing up in costume. Halloween gives you a chance to be creative with your costume and either run around collecting candy or hang out with friends. What could be better than that? 

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