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Mia is 17 years old and a senior at San Marcos High School. She served as a staff writer her freshman year and was the Arts & Entertainment editor for the first semester of her senior year. She is currently one of the Editors-In-Chief of the King’s Page. She enjoys writing about news in the media such as music, film, books etc. Her favorite subject in school is journalism. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, dancing, working out and hanging out with friends. Her favorite TV shows are Survivor, SNL and Brooklyn-99. She also loves all things Marvel.


Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2022)

Grammy’s (April 2022)
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Sweet Dreaming of Spring (Mar 2022)
Documentary Digest (Feb 2022)
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Best Breakfast: Toast (Feb 2022)
Spider-Man: NWH Review (Jan 2022)
Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict (Dec 2021)
Covid Concert Comeback (Nov 2021)
New Abortion Laws (Oct 2021)
Emmy’s Recap (Oct 2021)
A New Survivor Season (Sept 2021)

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San Marcos High School ~ Santa Barbara, CA
Mia Cannizzaro