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Pizza is a staple in American cuisine. Originating in Naples, this doughy heap of comfort food was an affordable lunch option for peasants in early Italy. However, pizza has come a long way to become what we know and love today. When we think of pizza, we think of the classics: peperoni, maybe cheese if you don’t eat meat. These two options are great embodiments of pizza, a wonderful combination of crust, marinara, and dough. However the toppings are what make or break pizza. There is pepperoni, meat lovers, margarita…, and then there is hawaiian.

Image courtesy of Avery Estrella

You see, there are many problems with pineapple on pizza. Let’s start with the obvious and arguably most important, the taste. The flavor clash between marinara sauce and pineapple is simply repulsive to many people. While sweet and savory can go together in some desserts, it just doesn’t work with pizza. Texture is also a big problem with the pineapple on pizza. The mushy chunks completely throw off the feel of pizza in your mouth. 

Fruit simply does not belong on pizza. It is important to branch out and try new things, especially with food, but how far is too far? The Oxford Dictionary defines pizza as “a dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables.” In no way is fruit mentioned in any shape or form. Does this mean that it is no longer pizza when fruit is put on as a topping? 

American cuisine is no stranger to  adapting classic dishes from other cultures. Pineapple on pizza is a prime example of this. This bastardization of pizza is highly disrespectful to the creators of this classic dish.

In a survey taken by San Marcos students and staff, it was found that approximately 40 percent of people do not like pineapple on pizza, while 60 percent of people do in fact like pineapple on pizza. While this majority is utterly incorrect, it is understandable that the flashy mess that is pineapple on pizza could seem appealing. Ultimately, pineapple on pizza is just wrong, and it tastes bad. It is about the principle of the matter! A dish as iconic and eternal as pizza should not be toyed with.

Hannah (19)Avery Estrella

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Avery is a freshman at San Marcos High School…