Dodgeball is Back!


Dodgeball is here! It’s time to dodge, duck, and dive. A second dodgeball tournament will be starting soon. Fill out a team form with your friends and compete to win it all. A game will consist of 2 teams and 5 players each team and if a player is hit with a ball that player is temporarily out but if a teammate catches the ball the player who is out is now back in. Did you know that the rules for dodgeball were originally created by Philip Ferguson in 1905, but it is said that 200 years ago people in Africa would play a similar game to dodgeball but instead of using foam balls they used to use rocks? Dodgeball has come a long way now even being officially recognized as a sport in 2017 by The Global Association of International Sports Federations. Speaking of the new official sport dodgeball I have a quote from an aspiring student who is looking forward to playing in the tournament. 

Image courtesy of Flickr

“Personally I love dodgeball, I can’t wait to showcase my skills and tricks in the upcoming dodgeball games. I think it’s very good for the sport of dodgeball to get others interested in it. I’m going to take these games very seriously. I have started to workout four days a week now in the gym to get my throwing strong and my footwork right. With the amount of training I’m doing I don’t think that I can lose, no one is training like me,” said sophomore Robert Reyes. Robert is hoping to become the first professional dodgeball player to come out of San Marcos. Overall everyone is looking forward to this year’s dodgeball tournament and it will start on the 15th.