Spring Fashion Advice

Staff Writers

For a good portion of us, our favorite time of the year is just around the corner. The weather is finally getting warmer, and that means we get the opportunity to change up our styles to suit this new weather. Sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself to look at the weather before getting ready in the morning, so here are some useful tips to look hot to match the weather! Regarding your age, gender, size, and shape, we are going to guarantee that you are looking fresh and happy to be here.

For our feminine folk, cut out the color gray in your wardrobe. Replace gray with brown, beige, navy blue, any off-white, and even black. Any outfit can look good, but with jewelry on top, your outfit can look great. Don’t ever try to mix gold and silver jewelry together, pick one and stick with it. Emma Chamberlain is an example of this relaxed style.

Taylor Gentry shows off how to style these colors.

Try to change your shoes every now and then. Always attempt to incorporate some sandals into your fits at least twice a week, high tops are cute but definitely can get repetitive. Instead of wearing some regular pairs of Vans or Converse, you can always customize them on their respective websites. It will also create a new look that no one else has, which is nice to have some more diversity with new styles as well.

Really start to use that one skirt you know you have in your dresser that you never wear. It’s finally time to say goodbye to unnecessary zip up sweaters in 80 degree weather. Matching any type of shorts with a slightly oversized, partially tucked in, graphic tee could never go wrong. 

For our guys, don’t think we forgot about you. Good jewelry always elevates any outfit that might need some more love. For example, chunky rings and chains are always a good combo. If you’re not a big fan of chains, a colorful pearl necklace is definitely another option. Tank tops paired with baggy jeans is always a great go-to outfit idea if all else fails, and it’s super easy to layer on top of if wanted. Button up shirts are a good choice as well as they are easy to thrift. We also are huge advocates for bringing back bucket hats. “Not the ugly ones, just the cute ones!” says Jada, a junior and fellow staff writer.

Mr. Gabe Casey, ASB President of San Marcos High School, predicts the new spring fashion trends will consist of coral jewelry, along with nose rings that have chains connecting them to your earrings. We’re really hoping this prediction lands. We think it would be pretty cool to see new types of jewelry being worn out and about.

You’re welcome for teaching you guys all of the helpful tips and tricks for elevating any outfit for spring and summer right around the corner. We don’t know what you guys would do without us!