Sources of Strength Club

San Marcos offers many club opportunities for students on campus. Whether that be Fashion Club, Sustainable Future Club, or Surf Club, there is something for everyone. One club that everyone would benefit from is our Sources of Strength Club. In years past, San Marcos has had multiple mental wellness clubs. Co-coordinators Ms. Enrico and Ms. Davis said, “This year we decided that by combining the three mental wellness-focused clubs on campus, we could create an even more meaningful impact on campus.”

Senior Co-President Charlotte Kelly dives into deeper details in an interview.

She says, “The purpose of Sources of Strength Club is to destigmatize mental health and to make students aware of the outlets available to them for support.” 

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

She goes on to describe how the club has allowed her to step into a leadership role and share something she is passionate about with other students. 

Although the club provides support for all and any students, senior volleyball hitter and Hidden Opponent leader Riley Green emphasizes the importance of mental wellness in athletes. In an interview with Riley, she says that Hidden Opponent is a great organization and will serve as an important asset to our campus by providing resources to destigmatize mental health in athletes.

She says, “I have found that when I take care of my mind, emotions, and body, I am able to fully focus and perform well in my sport… We have so many amazing athletes at SMHS so I was to make sure they have the resources to keep their mental health up so they can continue to perform well.” 

According to new data from the CDC, more than a third (37%) of high school students reported they experienced poor mental health during the pandemic. Coming back from covid, the importance of maintaining good mental health is at a high. It is important that high school students make active choices to try to improve their mental wellbeing. As a member of the Sources of Strength club, I think it will serve as a great outlet to make connections with new people and remind me to keep in check with my well being.