The Debate Over AI: Con


Olivia Marceda

The battle of AI begins!

As artificial intelligence evolves and becomes more sophisticated, so do the possible dangers that come with it. Between students using systems such as ChatGPT to do their homework for them, to automated weapon systems that can function without human interference, there are many possible dangers that we need to take into consideration.

One major concern regarding artificial intelligence is jobs being lost to automation. So far, around 1.7 million jobs have been lost to automation. Manufacturing jobs make up the majority of these, but as artificial intelligence advances, more and more blue collar jobs are at risk of being automated. Regardless of the risks that jobs are facing, there will always be jobs that will never be able to be replaced such as teachers, writers and editors, therapists, and lawyers.

Another major concern is social manipulation and influence using social media. AIs are used very often in order to adapt the content that is shown. A perfect example of this is the social media app Tik Tok. A feature of Tik Tok is its for you page which adapts the content that you are shown based on which videos you like and comment on, but also the amount of time you spend on a video before swiping to the next one. This type of AI is very influential among young people and could be dangerous as a way of propaganda being spread throughout our society.

A new AI called “ChatGPT” has caused controversy among the education community, due to its use by students. Students have been using this system to do homework and write essays for them. There are ethical issues with using an AI to do your homework for you, but it also impacts your education. 

Sean King, an English teacher at San Marcos High School, had this to say about students using AI, “Any source of information or thinking that is being done for you is never going to help a student learn resilience, hard work, or creativity. So yes I think in a school environment it could be very damaging.” 

King also said this about ChatGPT, “I do think that what it’s trying to replace is the intangible human aspect of something even as mundane as an email.”

Artificial intelligence evolves everyday and becomes more advanced. As we become increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence the possible danger of it increases as well.