Oh the Prom-a


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The San Marcos Cheer team at Prom.

It’s here! Senior prom for a lot of seniors is a day that has brought many lifetime memories. This year’s prom took place at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) at the Hub centered in the middle of the campus from 7 to 10 pm. It had extremely gorgeous scenery. San Marcos staff and this year’s ASB senior class did an amazing job setting everything up and making it the perfect venue. Here is a recap of everything that happened on this day: 

When you walked into The Hub, staff were there to scan your Minga app to check you in. There was also a coat check where you could store your belongings in a safe place to keep until you left prom. While you were keeping your items in a safe place there was also an opportunity to take a 360-degree video with all of your friends and keep it forever as a remembrance of the night. After you did that you strolled down to the bottom floor where the second floor was located which had a huge dance floor. The DJ playing music, a photo booth, and the best thing of all, the appetizers. 

The food was the best, including chicken, cheese with crackers, and chocolate covered strawberries. Outside, which was a little bit hidden, there was water and lemonade you could have as a beverage. You had an ideal opportunity to also take pictures outside on the patio of The Hub in the lagoon which was a very elegant place to take pictures in the middle of the day at 7 o’clock. In addition to taking pictures outside, you could do karaoke for people to hear you sing your heart out to your favorite songs. 

Senior Class President Natty Valdovinos said, “It went great, all the planning and preparation for this event went smoothly, I enjoyed it greatly with my friends. It was such a huge success.” 

Alongside Natty, Daisy Perez Villafana the Vice President of the senior class said, “At prom what I enjoyed the most was being with friends and enjoying the night was an amazing experience to have.” 

What made it the best was the music, the DJ on the main dance floor. There were many popular hits that played and a mosh pit that most everyone enjoyed. With people dancing to Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. It had a variety of music with even slow songs for couples to dance to.

Prom Partying

Some seniors that I asked what their favorite part of prom said, “Mine would most definitely be the music and having a fun time with my friends and enjoying this night.” Another said, “The food, it was the most delicious I have ever tasted and listening to people sing outside doing karaoke.”

At approximately 8:30pm the winner of prom was announced who was Elaia Hamilton so a huge congratulations to her! Her comment to being royalty was, “I’m so honored to represent my class and be recognized as prom queen. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.” 

Overall this year’s prom was one of the best that will be a memory worth keeping for the rest of the seniors memorable time at San Marcos High School. A huge thank you is deserved to the University of Santa Barbara at the Hub, ASB, our fantastic San Marcos staff, and the parents that volunteered for this event and took the time in the schedule to make it the best experience possible. This was the most perfect night of the year for all seniors who will be graduating in the few weeks left of high school.