Recall of Newsom


As most California residents have heard at this point, there was recently an attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. A lot of Californians have seemed to think that this was just a stunt by the Republican Party in order to take over control of a mostly Democratic state of California. A lot of people also just are not in favor of Governor Newsom.

    One of the main reasons that people do not like Newsom is because he is so strict on the protocols for COVID-19. San Marcos senior Evan Shinn had this to say about the recall,”I think that he’s definitely strict but it is also beneficial for us as it leads to less spread of the virus.” The people of California tend to agree with Evan because they want to stop the spread of COVID-19, but many  disagree with him because they think that the only way to stop the spread of  the virus is to drop some of the requirements.

    The main runner against Newsom was Republican Larry Elder. Elder is strongly  against the requirements for COVID-19 and thinks we should move in the direction of states like Florida and Texas who seem to just be moving on from the virus. The democrats disagree and have even nicknamed this the “Republican Recall” and have generated the motto “Stop the Republican Recall.” Newsom received  endorsements from big names such as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, which surely made a lot of Californians convinced that a recall was the wrong decision. 

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    As of this morning, Gavin Newsom is projected to remain in his seat and not be recalled by a fairly sizable amount. This could be seen as a win for a lot of Californians, as we are now able to remain safe in the process of fighting COVID-19 but for those who were pushing for the recall of Newsom will have to wait until the end of his term in 2023. Until then, the people running against him in this recall will be campaigning for change that they believe is necessary. Newsom is our governor for the near future and the recall is looking fairly unlikely and ineffective for the republican party.