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Dear Lance,

I went to ask my crush to go to a concert with me, but I am now ending up going with (name redacted). What should I do? If I end up not going, what should I do next to hang out outside of school with my crush?  

Sincerely,  Concert Conun-drum

Dear Concert Conun-drum,

That is a tricky situation you have, one I am curious how you got yourself into it. You essentially have two options: either to go to the concert with the random person, or not. If you decide to go you can also ask other friends to come. That way it will not  be so awkward or seem like a date! If you already bought the tickets you might as well go, too. If you decide not to go to the concert, let the person know gently so they do not think it is because of them (although it might be). You can make up an excuse, find an excuse, or simply tell the truth. Either way good luck! Additionally, if you still want to go on a date with your crush ask them privately and have confidence. 

For future outings with your crush though, I highly recommend the Teen Nights at Ice in Paradise. Currently, each Friday night from 7:15pm-9:15pm you can go and skate, with free skate rentals when sharing your student ID card! This session will include disco lights and music, and will have a live DJ to take music requests. ​Plus the Rinkside cafe will be open for pizza, snacks, sodas, and hot chocolate! So now you have a reason to ask him (cause of the discount) PLUS they would hold your hand to stay balanced. 



Dear Lance,

Tips on how to pass my driving test???

Sincerely, Motor Troubles 

Dear Motor Troubles,

Hopefully by now you have completed your Driver’s Ed, gotten you permit, and practiced driving. (In case you have not, it is a tedious but easy task. Go online and search for a California one; then go into the DMV and take your permit test.) Considering you know how to drive reasonably well, here are some little tips that can help you make the best impression and pass the test. Firstly, if you have pierced ears wear dangly earrings. That way when you turn your head to check at intersections the instructor will see the movement of the earrings and know for certain you are checking for oncoming traffic. Secondly, spend at least 10 seconds adjusting your mirrors before you begin driving but once the instructor is in the car. Even if your mirrors are already in the right spot, mess with them a bit so the instructor knows you are aware and alert. Finally, keep your posture upright. Your body language communicates a lot to the instructor in good and bad ways. If you slouch they will automatically feel like you are less professional, less reliable and less safe. If you have done Driver’s Ed and take these tips to your test I am sure you will pass like a true Royal!



Dear Lance,

How do I stay motivated while doing my homework?

Sincerely, Royally Resistant

Dear Royally Resistant,

To quote The Rock, “It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour. Put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s ours.” As well as those touching and inspiring words I would also like to add some more specific tips. Firstly use a timer system. Sit down in a quiet room that you can work in with all the supplies you need in arms reach. Then set a 20 minute timer. While you can use your phone for this, I recommend using the timer on your microwave so you have no excuse to look at your phone. Work hard for those 20 minutes of hard work, set a five minute timer and take a break. While this break could be spent on your phone I would recommend doing something physical like jumping jacks. Once you pick up your phone you are likely to blow right through the five minutes and enjoy the break less. Repeat this process until your work is done. Secondly, make flashcards or a paper with facts on it for an upcoming test in your pocket. Our phones live in our pockets which is half the reason we use them so much but if you were to put study information in your pockets instead you are likely to use it just as much.



Evelina Erickson

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