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Dear Lance, It’s the school supplies problem all over again in the second semester! What should I do? I always stress over not having the right supplies. Please help. Sincerely, Super-ly Stressed over Supplies 

Dear Super-ly Stressed over Supplies,

Every student has this stress of whether they should buy supplies or not, before the first day of new classes. My advice is to wait. Wait for your teacher to tell you what you will need for that class or wait until they give you a syllabus. The class syllabus usually has a supply list on it. That being said, some teachers give out the syllabus prior to the first day of class so check out NEO (or Canva) and see what you need. That way you can avoid wasting money on supplies you do not need. I do recommend bringing a blank notebook to class, just in case, to take notes. It will be enough on the first day. No need to stress about this! If you are super worried about it you can email your teacher.

Happy to help, sincerely,


Dear Lance, I’m so tired after finals that I might wear pajamas on the first day of the new semester, but I don’t want to make a bad impression. What can I wear to look good but be comfortable? Sincerely, Not on zoom pajamas on bottom formal on top 

Dear Not on zoom pajamas on bottom formal on top,

Finals are super stressful so props to you for getting through it! As tempting as pajamas are for wearing next week, I do suggest wearing something comfortable but not pj’s. Try a knit sweater or comfy pants such as sweats or leggings. Even though they are still considered as loungewear they are a bit more appropriate for school than pj’s. Pajamas look like you don’t put much effort in and that may make the teacher get the wrong impression. Just remember that taking care of yourself does not always look like pajamas, sometimes it looks like putting together a nice outfit to set yourself up for an academic year. Great job finishing finals!



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