Judge Jets to 62

As part of the 1927 Murderers Row Yankees, Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, a record among major league baseball. Thirty-four years later, a young man named Roger Maris broke the famed record by hitting his 61st home run in the 161st game of the 1961 season. Another 41 years later, 7 time MVP Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in one season, a record many believe to be unbreakable. His record was eventually tarnished after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, but the number 73 still stands. It is doubted whether or not he really deserves this record, but recently a phenom named Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run in a single season, a new American League record, and some people think he is the true record holder. Judge had a historical season and has been revered as the home run king. 

Judge has had an incredible 2022 season, being a Triple Crown (ranked first in AVG. OBP, and OPS (explain these acronyms)) candidate almost all year. He began to chase the record almost immediately, replicating his famous 2017 Rookie of the Year season where he hit 51 home runs. Through 65 games in June, Judge racked up 29 home runs, 2 more than his 2017 season through the same amount of games. However, by July, Judge already had 42 through 90 games, a full 8 more home runs than his rookie season. By August, Judge had played 117 games and already beat his 2017 record with a month and a half left. Judge was playing to his high expectations, smashing through them actually. At this point it seemed like 62 was just around the corner. On October 4th, Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run in Texas with two games left in the season. Judge had broken the record and was driving his team to a playoff run. His feat is incredible, and upon asking some baseball fans, they think the same. 

Senior editor and fellow baseball lover, Shams Jahangir-Arshad claimed that Bonds is still the record holder and is in the record books. “A record is a record. He hit 73 and will be the record holder until someone else comes along and hits 74. I don’t think Judge can break Bonds’ record, but he will definitely break his own.” 

Many other fans of baseball might disagree. Former King’s Page writer and current Louisiana State Tiger Camron Lugo claims Judge is a brand new record holder. 

Lugo states: “Bonds was juiced. That entire era guys were hitting balls a mile, and Bonds is no exception. There is no doubt that Judge did this legitimately, and that makes me believe he is the legitimate home run king.” 

There is definitely controversy over the record, but nevertheless Judge’s feat is incredible. He will be a free agent at the end of the 2022 season, which makes everyone wonder; who will be able to tie down the slugger of the decade?