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Prom is for Everyone

Prom, a school event that has been worshiped since its beginning. Typically, Prom is the event that moms, dads, kids and any other family members look forward to and stress about for years in advance. It has been put on a pedestal and is treated as one of the, if not THE most important event of your teenage life. However, in truth, Prom is just like any other school dance. Traditionally an all senior event (with the exception of guests), what if it became a dance for the both grades of upperclassmen? Could a lot of the stress around it be lifted?

Although I understand the perks of having a special dance dedicated specifically to seniors, it ends up hurting more than helping, as highschool students feel like they have an obligation to look and act their absolute best on their prom night when in reality, it is just another day that does not need to define the rest of their life. Allowing juniors to attend would give high school students two chances at Prom. Junior year could stand as a practice run and senior year would only solidify the experiences that you have had throughout your highschool years.

The psychological impact of prom cannot be underestimated.  The stress of looking flawless can put a lot of pressure on them and in turn take a toll on their mental health. Prom should be a happy event where everyone is carefree and has fun instead of being a reason for stress which is why allowing juniors to go would improve the dance.

Though some might be concerned with the idea that allowing juniors would remove the exclusive aspect of prom, it would still be an upperclassmen dance, maintaining the event’s allusive nature. Freshman and sophomores would still not be allowed, their event of the year still being homecoming. Prom being an upperclassmen event would only bring the two classes closer together and create a closer bond between them as the role models of the school.

Every year Prom has also been extremely expensive, with this year being no exception, with tickets at 100$ a piece. If juniors were to attend and be able to buy tickets, the cost of these tickets would inevitably be less and in turn, this would make the dance more affordable, leave more room in budget to fund an even better event, and overall easier to enjoy for everyone.

Ultimately, prom is meant to be a celebration of high school and friendships created and although according to tradition only seniors should be allowed, that point of view is outdated. If juniors go to prom it could be turned into a more loving and collaborative space.

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Aurora Ivanova
Aurora Ivanova, Opinion Editor
Aurora is in 10th grade at San Marcos High School. This is her second year in journalism. She is interested in math and literature. Outside of school, she likes playing softball, reading, hanging out with her friends, and listening to music. She is excited to be working for the Kings Page.
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